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Probably the material that we use most in the manufacture of various items is metal. We use different metals in different products. Because of their strength and ability to maintain shape, metals have been used to produce a variety of products from time immemorial. The main advantage of metals is that they can form any shape that we need. Once they are formed into that shape, they maintain the shape and hence it allows manufacturers to use metals as containers into which we can fix many components. Another major use of metals is as tubes or pipes. In addition to pipes that carry different types of fluids and cylindrical containers, there are many uses for the metal pipes. As a result companies involved in metal rolling job work make pipes of different dimensions.

Understanding The Metal Rolling Process

Because of the demand for MS pipes and other products increase, there is increasing need for companies that do metal rolling job work in Gujarat. The metal rolling or bending process is very simple. We usually do it on a CNC press brake machine. The metal sheet or plate rolling job work results in the production of pipes of various diameters. We can feed metal sheets or plates of different thicknesses into this machine to make the pipes. We can also make a conical shape using this machine.

We do the metal sheet rolling job work using a machine that has three rolls. Out of these, two rolls are at the bottom and one roll on top between the two bottom rolls. We feed the metal plate on top of the bottom rolls and under the top roll. The top roll can be lowered or raised to achieve different diameters of the pipe that is made. The more you lower the top roll the lesser will be the diameter of the pipe. But we must take care to ensure that we do not set the diameter too small to break the plate.

The Principle Of Plate Bending

There are certain principles that guide the metal rolling process. When you do plate rolling job work, we adhere to these principles to ensure that the plate doesn’t break due to too much bending. Different metals have different ratios between their thickness and the smallest diameter to which it can be bent. The smallest possible bending diameter is arrived by multiplying the factor by the thickness of the metal.

While the factor is between 1 and 3 for steel pipes, it is between 0.8 and 1 for aluminum. A good company doing metal rolling job work in Gujarat will have experts who know the factor for different metals that they will use to calculate the minimum diameter. The closer you bend the metal to the minimum possible diameter, there is a greater risk of it breaking. When we do plate rolling job work we must keep this in mind to reduce waste.

Use of Role Bending

Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. carries out metal rolling job work to produce a variety of products. MS pipes are in heavy demand in many industries. We use pipes of various diameters in different places for transferring liquids and gases. At our facility for metal rolling job work in Gujarat. we produce pipes using different metals. We also produce different bent metal profiles for different uses.

We carry out sheet rolling job work in Chhatral using the most modern CNC machines so that we can ensure perfect bending. We can give the diameter as required by you with utmost accuracy in our process. Our experts know the exact way to roll the metals so as to ensure that there is no change in thickness of the metal during the rolling process. Our metal rolling job work factory can produce products of different metals.

Apart from pipes we can also produce different products using cylindrical shaped metal parts. We also manufacture many types of containers and processing vessels that use metal cylinders. In our factory for metal rolling job work, we can produce all these products in the best manner as required by you. Our sheet rolling job work in Ahmedabad has got the appreciation of our customers not just for the excellent quality but also for prompt delivery.

You can check our facility and know about our company from our website. You can also know the prices for your product by requesting a free quote from us. Just feed your requirements and get a free quote.

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