Is technology transforming cold storage units?

Farms producing foods in developing countries are high, and most are perishable foods that cannot work without proper cold storage facilities. Holding the rank of the largest producer is not enough. There is a need to understand the necessity of cold storage and the new technologies. There is a direct impact of the non-availability of cold storage facilities on the farmers who struggle to meet their ends.

The farm fresh or dairy products are not the only ones depending on the cold storage units. There is the pharma industry also wishes to function smoothly. It relies on an efficient supply chain network. From transport and storage to life-saving drugs, vaccines, and other raw materials it is essential to know about cold storage. Grow as an economy to understand whether ‘is technology transforming cold storage units’ for good or bad.

What are the driving factors?

The driving factors are quality, convenience, relevance, and a variety of goods. Expert attributes stocking the panty goods to enjoy a long shelf-life with limited freezer space. 

With time, prepared and frozen foods have increased as meal options, and they are attractive options for dining out. 

Know from NSSPL about the driving factors to set up cold storage units and the impact of technology on cold storage units.

Is technology transforming cold storage units?

Yes, technology is transforming the cold storage unit business. Cold storage automation is the main transformation. All pieces of equipment are in freezer warehouses. The pieces of equipment design are in line with the temperature environment, and it is not always expensive. Storing goods may rely on the operation. If the inventory is high, the pallets may be stored featuring automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). It helps the system use the crane unit load. For lighter, smaller goods, a mini-load crane is helpful. It helps retrieve the sequence items and downstream processes for order fulfillment. 

  • Pallet shuttles- They help transport pallets fast through deep-lane units. The options are lifting abilities moving vertically and the cars store, manage and retrieve products quickly and efficiently. In the freezer areas, the ideal solution is to enjoy greater configuration and worker comfort than traditional forklifts.
  • ASRS cranes- It is suitable for high-density storage and is engineered cost-effectively. The acceleration is variable but is the best to handle loads. It allows low noise levels and load stability, maintaining operational speeds to the fastest. The goods-to-person and the operations in real-time are excellent in the workstations. There is constant communication, and there is no productivity loss.
  • Automated forklifts- This comes as large costs and is an inventory that does not move fast. However, it benefits from automated forklifts that offer great improvement in operations and do not need massive investment or overhaul.
  • Mini-load shuttle- Retrieving small items in time and less space includes lightweight alloys increasing speed. The unit-load cranes offer load stability, and the costs are low with operation, installation, and maintenance. It is at different heights and is easy to train operators as they have a narrow footprint.

Call NSSPL to know about robotic palletizing and technology transforming cold storage units. NSSPL ensures efficiency in energy use and reduces movement in inventory tracking and strategic packing to avert product loss. 

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

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