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+91 99099 58891 info@nsspl.in

ICE Plant

Ice Plant

ICE Plants

Block Ice Plant

We provide turnkey solutions for block ice plant from 5 tons per day to 200 tons per day capacity.
Ice plant comes with various block size of 10 kg to 200 kg.
Ice can is made from galvanized material or stainless steel material.

Flack Ice Plant

HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – is done to ensure the safety of groceries designed for consumers. HACCP is used in companies producing and trading in groceries. This method ensures safety of food.

It is based mainly on preventing the threats, by identification of places in which the threats may occur and the proper reaction in case of threat. HACCP legislation constrains the temperature monitoring for the products sensitive to its change.

Therefore TTI indicators are an ideal tool that allows producers to fulfil this condition. The use of temperature indicators on the level of single or combined pack will ensure constant measurement of monitored product and will indicate the possible cold chain break.

Tube Ice Plant

Ice lings manufactures ice making plants. Tube is a part of those products. Tube is used for chemical companies, concrete companies, food processing companies, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants etc. It can supply everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete turnkey tube ice plant with an ice production capacity range of 5 tpd to 100 tpd or more.

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing a full range of commercial ice making plants, Containerized Block Ice Plants made using the most updated techniques.

We have delivered high quality, turnkey rapid cooling, absorption, freezing and chilling solutions for food processing industries, bakery, chemical processing, concrete cooling, fishing vessels, meat processing, produce packing, fish harvesting, aqua culture, water chillers, milk chilling, poultry processing, frozen seafood processing and related industries. Our wide product range enables us to cater to various markets and applications. We are sure our products will be of your immense interest to you.