How Can I Start A French Fries Line Production In Gujarat?

A french fries business is a highly profitable business. Each place has its own advantages and disadvantages. How do you launch a french fry business? What equipment is required to launch a French fry business? The fully automatic manufacturing line for french fries includes equipment for washing, peeling, cutting, rinsing, blanching, dewatering, frying, deoiling, and packing potatoes. It has a capacity of 100 kg to 1000 kg per hour.

Since practically all fast food restaurants, fine dining establishments, gourmet restaurants, and more serve French fries on their menus, the French fry industry is regarded as one of the most well-known industries in the world. This is why establishing a business selling french fries can be a fantastic idea for you. How can I start a french fries line production in Gujarat? We are going to discuss everything else about starting up French fries line production in Gujarat. Keep reading to not miss anything about the matter. 

Worldwide Demand for French Fries

Growing global demand, especially from Asian countries where potatoes aren’t cultivated, along with targeted cultivation initiatives have made India a significant supplier of french fries. According to Karamchandani, only China, India, and Pakistan are Asian countries that cultivate potatoes. He was speaking during a session of the Third Potatoes Conclave 2020, which began on Tuesday at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.

On a global basis, companies that make French fries earn enormously. There is a sizable demand on both a national and international level. According to Sachin Madan, CEO of Technico Agri Sciences Ltd, an ITC Group company and Gujarat’s sole seed supplier for the Santana variety of potatoes, India is increasing its production capacity as a result.

Overview of French Fries Business in Gujarat, India

India’s market for frozen potato products grew to a value of USD 1.10 billion in 2020. From 2023 to 2028, the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 17%, reaching USD 2.82 billion by 2026. The EMR study looks at the regional markets for frozen potato products in North India, Central and West India, South India, and East India.

There are primarily three big Indian manufacturers of french fries. They are Gujarati state citizens. McCain Foods, Iscon Balaji Foods, and HyFun Foods have production facilities in Gujarat. These companies are the largest exporters of frozen potato products in the country and also offer a sizable number of frozen potato products to hamburger quick-serve chain restaurants. In India, a sizable portion of the frozen potato market is controlled by fast-food chains including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, KFC, Burger King, and Domino’s. Frozen potatoes have a lengthy shelf life but retain their fresh flavor.

Only 7.42% of the country’s potatoes are grown in Gujarat, but in less than ten years, Gujarat has single-handedly changed India from being a net importer of french fries to a producer.

India brought in 6,000 metric tonnes (mt) of potatoes in 2007. 95% of the nation’s total frozen potato exports in 2019—roughly 30,000 metric tonnes (MT)—were in the form of fries. Just 7.42% of the country’s potatoes are grown in Gujarat, but in less than ten years the state has managed to turn India from a net importer of french fries to an exporter. Along with the export of potatoes, we’ll discuss the manufacturing of French fries in India.

The French Fries Production in Gujarat

In the region, India has the capacity to produce the highest number of quantities of potatoes. India may be the market leader for frozen potato snacks. This kind is preferred for making French fries. Industry analysts estimate that 75,000 metric tones of the 15 million metric tonnes of frozen potato products sold globally as of 2019 were sold in India. Of this, only 40% is shipped.

Gujarat produced 40 lakh MT of potatoes in 2018–19, whereas India produced 520 lakh MT. One lakh MT of India’s 3.80 MT total trade in potatoes was the state’s responsibility. Industry analysts anticipate that India will also become a significant supplier of frozen potato chips to Asian countries, which currently buy french fries from the United States and other developed countries.

How to Start Up French Fries Line Production in the State of Gujarat?

How can I start a french fries line production in Gujarat? Gujarat’s first French fry production line must be launched with careful planning, meticulous execution, and a steadfast dedication to quality. By following the instructions in this manual, you may launch a prosperous French fry production company in Gujarat and capitalize on the expanding processed food market.

Given the rising need for processed foods in the area, starting a French fry production plant in Gujarat may prove to be a profitable business venture. This manual attempts to give you a step-by-step procedure to assist you in starting your own French fry production plant in Gujarat.

  1. Market analysis

Researching the market in-depth is crucial before starting a French fry production company. Determine the target market, evaluate the competition, and gauge Gujarat’s appetite for French fries. You may understand the market potential and make wise judgments with the aid of this study.

  1. Plan of Business

Create a thorough business plan that includes information about your goals, target market, financial estimates, marketing plans, and operational procedures.

  1. Place

Locate a good area for your factory producing French fries. Take into account elements like the accessibility of transportation, the proximity to raw material suppliers, and the availability of skilled labor. Make sure the location conforms with all applicable laws and has enough room for manufacturing, storing, and packaging.

  1. Tools and Machines

Invest in high-quality machinery and equipment needed to produce French fries. This comprises equipment for cutting, blanching, frying, and packaging as well as machinery for peeling and cutting potatoes. Verify that the machinery complies with industry requirements and can deliver the needed results.

  1. Basic Resources

Purchase crisp, high-quality potatoes from nearby vendors or from the growers themselves. In order to guarantee a steady supply of potatoes, establish long-term connections with dependable suppliers.

  1. Manufacturing Process

Create a productive production system with a high level of consistency in quality. In most cases, this entails processes including washing, peeling, chopping, blanching, frying, and packaging. Maintain a high standard for the finished product by putting in place strong quality control procedures.

  1. Branding and packaging

Create eye-catching packaging designs that appeal to your target audience. Use environmentally friendly materials, and make sure the package is simple to store and carry. Create a distinctive brand identity to set your French fries apart from rivals and entice customers.

  1. Distribution and Marketing

In Gujarat, develop a marketing campaign to promote your French fry line. To reach your target demographic, use a variety of platforms, including social media, regional advertising, and collaborations with restaurants. Create a strong distribution network to guarantee that your French fries are delivered to customers quickly.

  1. Licencing and Compliance

Obtain each and every license and authorization needed to run a food production company in Gujarat. To assure the highest standards of quality and customer safety, follow food safety and hygiene requirements. 

  1. Ongoing Development and Maintenance

To find areas for improvement, regularly examine your production process, consumer input, and market trends. To remain competitive in the market, innovate your product offers, investigate novel flavors, and adjust to shifting consumer tastes.

NSSPL Will Assist With Setting Up A New Assembly Line.

How can I start a french fries line production in Gujarat? NSSPL can assist you in the production of a french fries line in Gujarat. We also offer our services in Morbi, Junagadh, Morbi, Mehsana, Bharuch, and Surendranagar. Their experts can assist in developing the best welcoming and cleaning procedures. Their skilled experts will demonstrate how the Indian French fry production process should be run.

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