How Can I Start a Cold Storage Business in Punjab?

This guide is intended for you if you don’t understand how to start a cold room company in Punjab, India. How to establish a cold storage business in India can be discovered with the aid of careful analysis and financial study. The cold storage industry is crucial and plays a significant role. The need for a cold storage room is growing daily in Punjab. We offer our services in Ludhiana, Amritsar., etc. However, we are not able to prevent the loss of fruits and vegetables due to a lack of cold storage. To stop the constant loss of fruits and vegetables, India needs larger and greater storage facilities. So, How Can I Start a Cold Storage Business in Punjab? Keep reading to not miss anything.

What is the price of open cold storage in Punjab?

If you want to get into cold storage, you will need to make a substantial initial investment. Before making an investment in frozen storage, there are various aspects you should think about, investigate, and then get professional advice on. It takes a lot of research and analysis to start a cold storage business, so be prepared! If you have a very limited budget yet would like to discover the least amount of investment needed for a cold storage company, see an expert counsel.

The following are important considerations to make when determining how to launch a cold chain business and estimating the amount to invest in cold storage facilities:

  • First, you need to get a cooling device.
  • The storage facility must first be established, after which land must be obtained.
  • You must obtain licenses from the concerned government organization.
  • Managing energy, water, and other pertinent resources is also essential.
  • Paying the wages of your staff and maintaining daily expenses are both required.
  • Online advertising and promotion of goods and services is necessary. Find out how much a small cold storage operation will cost based on your requirements.

After harvest, cold storage facilities are mostly utilized to preserve agricultural products. To prevent them from deteriorating, it is maintained under strict temperature controls.

In India, cold storage facilities are mostly used to preserve food products’ freshness after the harvest.

Cost Of Investment In Cold Storage

How Can I Start a Cold Storage Business in Punjab? Setting up a cold storage facility in India that can hold 5000 MT typically costs between 3 and 4 crores. Depending on the location and region, this expense may change. There are currently 7,645 cold storage facilities with an average capacity of 37–39 million tonnes. Cold storage investment costs in India require equipment, licenses, and numerous government permits. A machine for coolant is required. You will then require decent land in a better position. obtaining licenses from the appropriate authority.

Management of water then becomes vital. Even the supply of electricity must be steady.

To manage cold storage effectively, India will need to invest in staff. It is also crucial to consider their payments, salaries, and costs.

Details of the Loan and Government Support

For new companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations looking to invest in frozen storage, the Indian government has already launched a number of incentive programs. To reduce food loss, the Indian government is always striving to increase the number of cold storage facilities in its network. Currently, a number of cutting-edge technologies are available on the market for cold storage, helping to maintain the health of fruits and vegetables at all times. To meet their working capital needs and manage cash flow, businesses might seek corporate loans for operational capital. The best solution is to contact our organization NSSPL for more information if you want to know the initial deposit for a cold room business.

Punjab has available subsidies for the installation of open cold storage facilities.

Punjabi Open Cold Storage Installation is Eligible for Subsidies

The Indian government will reportedly subsidize roughly 50% of the total cost and equipment, according to the Ministry of Food Processing Industry. For the loan to be granted, you must be eligible. It’s crucial to comprehend the small expenditures associated with running a cold storage business before making any investments. If you want to start cold storage in India, you must fulfill the following conditions.

  • The age range for you should be between 18 and 65.
  • A CIBIL score of 700 or above is required.
  • You must possess strong financial skills, including the capacity to make payments.
  • You must be an Indian citizen and have no prior convictions.
  • It prevents those with knowledge of defaulted loans from applying.

How Do I Apply For The Installation Of Cold Storage In Punjab?

The price of the various code storage facilities either raises or lowers the rates. You need to fill up and submit an online form with details like your name, phone number, and email address. The bank executive would call you after receiving your submission, or you might go right to their office. Setting up a cold storage business requires constant supervision and assistance from experts.

cold storage in Punjab
The Best Credit Services are Offered by the Bank of Punjab

To ensure a year-round supply of perishable agricultural products and reduce post-harvest losses, this loan will be used to construct segmented cold storage facilities.

A genuine farmer must possess the land required to construct a divided cold storage facility. should never have any outstanding debts with other banks, and the land utilized for farming should be free of any liens.

The candidates’ age range must be between 21 and 65 (till maturity). The Bank of Punjab is extending an offer of up to 50 million rupees. The facilities must be supplied taking into account the borrower’s free cash flow in order to support the necessary amount of financing and safeguard the bank’s interests.

Potatoes and Cold Storage Facilities: The Curious Cases

According to Rahul Gupta, joint secretary of the Punjab Agriculture Department, “We have increased the proportion of potatoes in the meals provided to schools and prisoners over the past six months.” Gupta makes it clear that the objective is to address a particular issue the state is currently experiencing, not to effectively meet its nutritional needs. Most potato farmers have been storing their produce in cold storage for over a year, and warehouse owners are paying out of their own pockets to get rid of things like the old stock to make place for new crops that are ready to be harvested.

In Punjab, proprietors are getting rid of their potatoes and selling them for Rs 10.

Five trucks of leftover potatoes from Jalandhar had just been delivered by Rafi to Jammu, where he distributes them as fodder. According to Rafi, some operators of cold storage facilities are willing to accept just Rs 10 in exchange for the items. Owner of the Khalsa Refrigerated Temperature in Jalandhar, Ajmer Singh Khalsa, claims that “the condition is such that we aren’t even capable of recouping the cost of maintenance.”


So, How Can I Start a Cold Storage Business in Punjab? Following the receipt of numerous loans and incentives, the Cold Storage unit in Punjab can be readily built. People from many parts of India are helped by us.  You can ask the NSSPL for more details if you have any questions. We offer our services in Abohar, Barnala, Firozpur, Batala, and Hosiarpur. Reach us for more information.

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