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Metal surfaces need to look and feel smooth. They must also shine brightly. As we know when we cast metals in different shapes, the surfaces are not always smooth. In some other cases, you may need to strip off paint or other coatings from the surface of the metals. Using abrasive materials directly on the surface may not be the solution all the time. Further it can result in uneven surfaces. Sometimes when you weld different parts of the metal together, they result in uneven surfaces at the joints. Hence these joints must be made smooth. So, it is essential to abrade the surfaces so that they are smooth and polished. In many such cases, glass beading is the best method.

Understanding Blasting Of Metals

Glass beading stainless steel is a method of blasting the metal. Blasting is a process that we use very commonly for removing the surface layer of the metal to make it smooth and shining. We can compare it to applying sandpaper on the surface. We do blasting using different materials. Glass and sand are certain common materials used for this purpose. Glass beading process is a method in which we blast the surface using small glass beads.

When someone says “I want to find a place for glass beading near me”, you can be sure that the surface to be blasted is a large one. We use glass beads that are large blasting media for fairly large surfaces. On the other hand, sand is a smaller particle. Sandblasting is done on smaller areas and focused places. We often do glass beading aluminum in order to make large pieces of aluminum look smooth and even.

The Process Of Glass Beading

It is essential to understand the process of glass beading. When beading on stainless steel is done, we use specifically designed small glass beads for the purpose. These glass beads are lead-free. The process involves directing these glass beads at very high velocity on the metal surfaces. In the glass beading process, the glass beads and air get mixed in a reservoir meant for the purpose. It pushes the mixture of air and glass beads towards the nozzle where it comes out and hits the surface at great velocity.

Glass beads are larger media for blasting and hence require very high air pressure. The nozzle used for glass beading aluminum is large because the large media must pass through it. The air compressor uses the atmospheric air to compress it and pushes it out with great force. This along with the glass beads hit the surface at a great velocity thereby removing a layer of the surface. As a result, the metal becomes highly polished and shining. The process will remove any coating or dirt on the surface. We do glass beading in a controlled environment to prevent damage to any other parts.

Sandblasting Vs Glass Beading

“I see glass beading near me. What is the difference between this and sandblasting”? This is a question asked by many people. Both processes aim at achieving a polished metal surface. So, why use one instead of the other. Glass beading stainless steel is a slower process than sandblasting. The force of the blast is also lesser than sandblasting. The pressure of the air is lower in glass beading. The glass beading process is gentler on the metal surface. Hence, it doesn’t affect the underlying material in any way but gives the surface a smooth look and removes all the dirt and other coatings.

Sandblasting uses much more force and speed. Unlike glass beading aluminum, sandblasting can cause damage to the underlying material. It may remove a layer of the aluminum while removing the paint or coating. Sandblasting needs air at a higher pressure. Sandblasting is more harmful to the workers because the sand particles break and can get into the lungs while breathing. While glass beading stainless steel, the beads don’t break. They are also lead-free and cause no danger.

Get Your Glass Beading Done By The Experts

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