A technology known as the individually quick-freezing (IQF) method. IQF is a method that does not allow large ice crystals to form in vegetable cells. Also, since each piece is individually frozen, particles do not cohere, and the final product is not frozen into a solid block.


• During IQF (Individual Quick Freezing), vegetables (or vegetable pieces such as dices or slices) are rapidly transformed from liquid to a solid without internal crystallization and without disturbing natural characteristics.

• Why is this important? Internal crystallization, which occurs during traditional freezing methods, punctures cell walls making the vegetables soggy and causing them to stick together. Because the cell wall structures of IQF vegetables are so minimally affected, the vegetables are much easier to use in production kitchens or commercial packaging and they’re also more nutritious and more flavorful!

3Why NSSPL for Refrigeration ?

NSSPL has deep Depth of experience and holds expertise of providing the Refrigeration design for sea food storage units. The performance of Refrigeration system depends on components such as insulation Provided, Compressor performance as well as ventilation system for storage unit provided.
Why NSSPL for Refrigeration?

– In house facility to design, manufacture and provide integrated system of Refrigeration.
– Expertise in providing the advance ventilation and humidification system for Storage area.
– Holds expertise team of automation system of refrigeration unit with more than 15 years of experience.

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