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A Cold store is a place where traders and companies able to keep their fruits and vegetables safe for the long term. Cold store prevents spoilage of fruits and vegetables and prolong the life of them. Using cold storage process foods like frozen meat, dairy products, and other items you can keep there. Cold storage is one of the best places where using a temperature control system you can control entire products. The purpose of cold storage is always different. It reduces wastage of perishable items, fruits, and vegetables and it also creates a good impact on business. The cold storage business is also lucrative. It provides you a chance to earn huge for a long time. But it also true, you have to invest earn money.

Why cold storage is important?

Cold storage has much importance. It helps to increase business and it will create a positive impact on the global economy. Once you build cold storage, you will be able to keep products within cold storage for a long time, and people able to get seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Cold storage also helps import and export businesses. It also increases the economic condition because it reduces the wastage of fruits and vegetables all the time. To established cold storage room general and technical knowledge are both required. 

How to set up cold storage?

Well, if you want to set up cold storage business, then before set up you have to analyze and research well. Whether you are an experienced business owner or beginner for this type of business, proper knowledge, skill, and experience in very important. Initially, you have to invest a huge amount to set up cold storage. Now, based on your need, you have to make a financial budget. Before planning to set up cold storage, it’s essential to check the following points…

Location – this is very important. It’s always better to establish cold storage within an area, where you will get a good transportation system. For cold storage, near the airport, farmland always better. Because once the product will come, farmers can easily place such products within the cold storage and it reduces the wastage of products. To set up cold storage room location plays an important role all the time. 

Prepare documents – To established cold storage, different countries have different rules and regulations. To get everything ok, you have to apply for a trade license first. Now, to get a trade license, you have to prepare different types of documents that government needs as per rule and then need to submit within the concerned department. 

Buy land or rent – This is another important point. You have to decide what type of cold storage you need. And based on that, you have to decide whether you will buy land for cold storage or you want to take rent. This is a very important point and it depends on your budget.

Make a business plan – This is another important point. Before start a cold storage business, a proper business plan is very important. You have to hire an expert in this field who can help you to make a proper business plan. This plan helps you to precede further and established cold storage successfully. 

Buy cooling machine – This is another important factor that you need to understand. There are different types of cold machines, cooling machines, and refrigerators available in the market now you have to check and select the best type of cooling machine as per your business need. For this purpose, you can consult with an experienced person. 

Make a budget – For the cold storage business, budget plays an important role. You have to set a budget to get a good profit. Choose an expert and they will prepare a budget or financial analysis and make a profit and loss sheet for you. This helps to go further systematically.

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What are the benefits of cold storage?

Cold storage is one of the best places to store fruits and vegetables. If you will build cold storage business you will gain many benefits.

Control temperature – Cold storage includes adjustable temperature. This type of cooling machine has a custom temperature control system which helps to control the room temperature as per your requirement. The cold room always includes a temperature adjustable system. It controls the temperature in a way so that prevents goods deterioration. cold storage room is equipped with a proper monitor and temperature control system.

Save money on cooling costs

You have to spend lots of cash to lower the prices if you choose to put the cold storage panel. One of the great things about is cold storage panel is, it is customized. You can check thickness and custom size once it includes a cold storage panel. You can install cooler room refrigeration which assists to save some money all the time. In a cold storeroom, fruits and vegetables will be at the right temperature.

Create space

Based on your budget, you have to choose the best type of cold storage. Now, you can create cold storage for different products together or a single item. If you consult with NSSPL, I can assure you, within a short space we will manage the interior in a way so that your cold storage will be spacious all the time. Proper skill and management are very important.

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Always consult with NSSPL because I always work personally with each project and as I have 25+ years of experience, I can handle any type of cold storage project easily. My self yogesh Dahiya and I have completed 160 projects. Once you contact my company, I have experienced team members who will guide you along with me and we will help you to build cold storage within time successfully. We not only guide but we practically prepare all the documents and papers and consult behalf of your company with a proper government department to start the work without any problem.

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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