Do you feel that your commercial freezer does not work as before? If the answer is yes, there is probably ice on the evaporator of your cold storage. This happens often, with small maintenance failures that have to be solved regularly. If you are planning to start your cold store business, do not miss reading this guide.

It may sound strange, but defrosting is a practice that will be of great help if you encounter this problem. Ice on the evaporator of the cold storage is one of the main maintenance failures in cold stores.

From, we invite you to read this article in which we will delve into the sector of refrigeration systems and their correct maintenance. If you have any questions about this practice continue reading.

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Why is there ice on the evaporator of your cold storage?

Defrosting is a very common practice in cold store business that consists of regularly removing the frost or ice that forms on the evaporator of commercial or industrial refrigeration machines.

Frost accumulation becomes a problem when it reaches the evaporator tubes, where it turns into ice as a result of the condensation and subsequent freezing of the water vapor contained in the chamber air.

This condensation accumulates in cold store business on the pipes and forms a layer of ice, the frost, which is constituted as a true insulator that hinders the normal exchange of heat between the system to be cooled, the evaporator, and the refrigerant fluid.

In addition, this frost freezes the air in the chamber, causing a decrease in humidity and the loss of stored products. It could ruin all your frozen products!

Therefore, a key process in the fruit cold storage business in industrial refrigeration installations is good ventilation of the chambers and the regular removal of that ice or frost.

How to eliminate ice on the evaporator of your cold storage?

As is logical, we will proceed to eliminate this frost by means of heat in the fruit cold storage business. Next, we will see the stages of this defrost process, which could be divided into 4 phases.

Stage 1. This begins when we stop the production of cold. Once this is done, we just have to wait for all the refrigerant liquid inside the evaporator to evaporate.

Stage 2. We begin to provide heat. Heat begins to be given to the evaporator until the temperature rises to 0 °C, the temperature at which the ice melts. Once melted, we proceed to raise the temperature so that the defrost ends. It is recommended that the temperature reaches 8º C in the process.

Stage 3. The frost begins to melt given this heat input. Consequently, the evacuation of the water generated by the melting of the ice in the evaporator begins. This water is collected in some trays implemented in the evaporator itself.

Stage 4. Once the water has been evacuated, we proceed to inject the refrigerant liquid into the evaporator. This will be responsible for lowering temperatures again.

In the fruit cold storage business, we must not forget to delay the connection of the fans before starting to introduce the coolant. In this way, we will prevent the water from reaching the camera directly.

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Benefits of industrial refrigerator chambers:

Fruit cold storage business is designed to meet a primary customer need, but they must also bear in mind the concept of durability, high performance, meeting special requirements, and concern for low energy consumption, among others. 

Within this concept, industrial cold storage can bring a series of benefits to customers who choose to use them. There are several advantages in relation to its application in the most varied sectors in which it can be used. 

They are designed with more robust, durable compressors, with low maintenance costs, as they add several monitoring and control sensors. Industrial cold storages are optimized refrigeration sets to ensure high energy efficiency, stable storage conditions, and energy savings for peak hours, among others. 

Industrial fruit cold storage business usually have very sophisticated electrical panels, aiming to ensure that the entire installation works automatically, without the need for constant interventions.

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