Cold storage warehouse for vegetables

Farm fresh vegetables need proper storage facilities, and it is challenging to know the exact storage features. However, cold storage warehouse for vegetables with the correct storage solution is the requirement.

Knowing, why one should use cold storage to store or stock vegetables are vital. However, contacting NSSPL is the right option as they can teach how to store and distribute fresh produce.

How to use commercial refrigeration and its benefits in storing it?

Without cold storage warehouses, the majority of vegetables and fruits or other perishable items will not stay fresh. These are fresh products, and once harvested, it starts deteriorating. It also develops dangerous bacteria soon, so storing it is a must in a cold storage warehouse for vegetables

The temperatures are low within the cold storage units. This is the benefit enjoyed by cold storage vegetables. The low temperatures stop the pathogenic fungi growth. Thus, it averts vegetables or fruits from spoilage and keeps them to a minimum.

Blast freezing and refrigeration are popular options for vegetables and fruits. The storage units may vary in the temperature ranges for chilling and freezing options. The cold storage warehouse units offer a temperature between-40°C to +10°C. This temperature assists in keeping the nutrients and freshness of the vegetable secure.

What type of cold storage warehouse is appropriate for vegetables?

Cold storage warehouse units are the most versatile. It features plenty of options for storing and facilitates distributing the produce. The different types of cold storage warehouses include:

Refrigerated Containers

The refrigerated containers are suitable for vegetables. They are available in different sizes from 10 ft to 45 ft. The temperatures range between -40°C to +10°C. The cold storage units are portable and hence transport vegetables safely. There are popular options, and these units are typical types of cold storage warehouses for vegetables. It offers the combination of multiple storage units making a mega solution for refrigeration.

Chillers and Blast Freezers

Businesses wishing to distribute and stock frozen produce will find the blast freezers of immense help. The temperatures are -40°C, and these low temperatures facilitate freezing or storing, a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Mini Blast Freezers are extending commercial refrigeration. They also branch out into vegetable or fruit markets. Thereby, offering a storage solution such as a portable cold storage warehouse. The benefit is that the vegetables and fruits enjoy extended life in transit and storage.

potato cold storage
Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are appropriate for fresh produce storage and suit hygienic food processing needs. These units make amazing solutions for businesses considering looking for cold storage warehouse for vegetables and fruits. 

What are the storage best practices for vegetables?
  • Storing vegetables or fruits is challenging as it needs exact temperatures. Thus, adhering to cold storage practices is mandatory to ascertain the quality and longevity of the vegetables.
  • Vegetables and fruits are best stored separately. Most fruits produce ethylene, a hormone that affects all the products in the surrounding. This hormone changes the flavor, color, and texture of the produce. It also speeds up the process of ripening, and the risks without proper storage will cause the wastage of vegetables.
  • Avoid overstocking vegetables in the cold storage warehouse for vegetables. Storing more requires rising internal temperature, and it also speeds up the deterioration. Also, avoid packing pallets tightly as it crushes vegetables, and it may develop the growth of bacteria. The packing of vegetables should ensure the distribution of air freely.
  • Know your produce history. Vegetables are the best to store in a cold storage warehouse for vegetables. It is best to keep the vegetables in cold storage, even for transportation. It includes taking care of the product maturity, quality inspection, goods prior preparation, and grading of the produce.

For more information on Cold storage for vegetables, contact NSSPL. They can suggest cold storage featuring the longevity of vegetables and fruits. Secure your vegetable’s freshness and extend their lifespan by seeking tailored solutions. Accelerate the growth of your business with NSSPL.

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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