Cold Storage Project

Cold Storage Project

In any Cold Storage Project, monitoring of the cold chain is required, the following basic premises must be met:

  • In the first place, the needs of the installation will be determined, based on the type of cargo to be stored, which will have physical or treatment characteristics.
  • Second, the cargo and its reception will be standardized, which means adapting it to certain formats with greater accessibility: pallets, cages, bulk, unit packaging without return, etc.
  • In addition, it is essential to control and respect the maintenance of the temperature required by each type of specific product, both in its transport and in its storage or handling.

Likewise, the maximum storage time must be taken into account while setting up a Cold Storage project, which also depends on the type of merchandise and its temperature:

  • Plant foods (freezing): 18 months.
  • Meat foods (freezing): 12 to 16 months.
  • Fish (frozen): 12 to 14 months.
  • Ice creams (freezing): 12 to 18 months.
  • Plant foods (preservation): 3 to 10 days.
  • Meat foods (preservation): 24 to 48 hours.
  • Yogurts (conservation): from 10 to 21 days.
  • Dairy (conservation): variable.
  • Sausages (conservation): from 2 to 8 months.
  • Sausages and dairy products (maturation): variable.

Critical points:

In any production and logistics Cold Storage Project process, there are certain critical points to take into account that as such must be more controlled than the rest of the chain. In the case of the treatment of goods at a controlled temperature, each of these points is even more delicate.

During production, harvesting, or treatment, the temperature must be stable and will have to be maintained throughout the entire logistics process. 

While considering cold storage plant cost,the critical points of these links in the chain are the excessive exposure time and the massive treatment of articles. Detecting a break in the cold chain will depend on the type of product. The most common is sanitary and veterinary control, as well as the use of the rmography and other elements to detect thermal variations.

The means of transport will also have to be equipped with certain characteristics in cold storage project. One of them is that they will have to have connection outlets to the electrical network to optimize the performance of the compressors and autonomous cold equipment.

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Vehicles used in Cold Storage Project:

In cold storage construction,mainly, is othermal vehicles are used, which have elements that limit thermal transmission in both directions; refrigerated and refrigerated vehicles, with the capacity to reduce the temperature according to the needs of the merchandise, which provides greater autonomy of transport; and heating vehicles, with systems that maintain a continuous temperature under predetermined conditions. The latter is usually used for the maturation of some foods.

In cold storage project, the two factors with the greatest incidence in transportation are the ambient temperature and the time spent in each operation. 

The main causes of the chain being interrupted are a poor sizing of the cold equipment, excessive transport time, and an inappropriate temperature at the time of loading the vehicle. To detect variations in the cold chain, controls are carried out at the reception of the merchandise, the cargo is sealed and the rmographs and chromatic labels are used.

Likewise, it should be remembered that loading and unloading operations will have to be carried out as quickly as possible, as well as avoiding, as far as possible, the opening of vehicle boxes to prevent the escape from the cold.

Regarding cold storage plant cost, knowing the preservation characteristics of the type of product, it is necessary to consider the following parameters:

  • The amount of merchandise to be stored to size the facilities and cold equipment.
  • The incoming and outgoing flows of merchandise also size the service areas and the capacity of the cold equipment.
  • The typology of the warehouse: automatic, conventional, or mixed.
  • The seasonality of the merchandise, to predict the purchasing and dispatch processes.

Enable spaces for the installation of compressors and evaporators, according to the details of the refrigeration study. It will also be necessary to consider the air outlets to the outside or inside the engines, the lower and upper aeration, the air re circulation, as well as the ventilation and its path for the correct distribution of the temperature.

In cold storage construction,the installation of water evacuation drains with sumps equipped for the collection of samples in those ships with a positive temperature. Slopes will also have to be made on the pavement to facilitate the escape of the water produced by the condensation. On the other hand, in the freezing chambers, the pavement drains and drains should not have a slope because freezing would prevent their correct task.

About the Cold Storage Project:

In the case of the cold storage project, critical points and the interruption of the cold chain is caused by an excessive time of exposure of the merchandise to inappropriate temperatures in the antechambers and the entry of large masses of product at an unstable temperature, which implies jumps thermal effects on the cooling performance of the receiving area. As in the previous cases, failures are detected from sanitary and veterinary controls, in addition to the use of the rmographs and chromatic labels.

Finally, the point of service is often the greatest enemy of maintaining the cold chain in cold storage construction. The main drawbacks are the waiting time for the merchandise at room temperature, the overload of murals, showcases, and other presentation elements, as well as the concentration and lack of aeration of the merchandise, which produces focalization and unequal distribution of the reception. Of temperature.

cold storage construction

Shelling a cold store:

When you proceed to the Cold Storage project, the design of a controlled temperature warehouse will be carried out taking into account the points mentioned above and applying the requirements for compliance with the cold chain. 

First, the dimensions of the cameras for the storage of the stock and the possibility of preparing the orders in them will be correctly defined. 

In the same way, the characteristics of the reception area will be detailed: the unloading docks, the scales, and the weighing elements. In these antechambers or entrance and exit areas, the quality control of the orders is carried out, so they must also be refrigerated.

Logically, the springs must be specific for cold, with adjustments in the closures. It is also necessary to consider the possibility of installing inflatable shelters, a type of closure that ensures greater insulation although cold storage project cost is very high, or insulating doors, which are activated mechanically or by manual opening (with negative temperature it is necessary to heat the adjustment rubbers).

However, together with this type of door, it is advisable to also install other high-speed doors or PVC slats, to avoid the loss of temperature inside the chambers. Call us to know more about the cold storage project cost.

Regarding the Storage area and the Systems:

Regarding the storage area and the systems used with cold storage plant cost, there are currently high-performance automated elements (stacker cranes) for the location and preparation of orders, which bring the merchandise closer to the operator with excellent results and a very high volumetric utilization. Mainly, these systems provide great stability in the interior temperature, which must be supplied equally in the entire chamber. In addition, there must be a correct aeration over the entire surface.

Going into more detail, the refrigeration panels must be embedded in the pavement to avoid thermal transmissions. On the other hand, the installation of sanitary profiles, called half-round, is required in those corners of the warehouse that do not allow cleaning. 

At the same time, it is advisable to protect the lower areas of the chamber and the panels with walls to avoid damage that can be caused by shocks from forklifts, pallet trucks, and other elements involved in handling the product.

Likewise, the relevance that flooring acquires in a warehouse with these characteristics is remarkable:

In refrigerated chambers it is necessary to install conventional slabs with the basic requirements of load and planetary, being highly advisable a rough and anti-dust finish to prevent slipping.

In rooms at negative temperatures, thermal insulators must be incorporated and slabs with the same characteristics must be installed, but with aeration to avoid freezing of the pavement.

The layout of the expedition area is as important as that of any of the other areas. In it, it is necessary to avoid the loss of cold because it is used to deposit the already prepared orders that are ready to be loaded. Therefore, the antechambers will have to be at a temperature that can range between 0 and 10ºC, depending on the waiting time of the merchandise. Isolation of pollutants from vehicle maneuvering areas is also beneficial.

In the cold logistics chain, many articles require control of their weighing, from the use of scales. However, in its treatment, there is a decrease between the initial and final weight that the client receives, which must be taken into account.

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