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India has produced a large number of vegetables and fruits globally. As per the Cold Storage Project Report, the resources to store the fruits and vegetables are less. Therefore, the losses are increased frequently, or it is caused due to lack of post-harvest management. The actual project of cold storage is estimated differently, or it is based on the required units. The production of fruits and vegetables is enhanced day by day in India, but the resources to keep these fruits are preserved are lesser. 

The less availability of storage space has resulted in the loss, or it is frequently increasing due to inefficient consultation about cold storage project report 2020. In the past months, the loss is amounted to be 25%, but now it has increased to 40% of the complete production. It has made a bigger difference between the quantities that are consumed and produced.

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Financial assistant for set-up cold storage chain

What is Cold Storage Project Report? The Ministry of food processing industry provides financial assistance to all the people that in up to 50% of the total cost. Moreover, they help set up the machinery and other works. In Northern Eastern states, including Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh, 75% help is granted. When it comes to getting the subsidy from the ministry, you need to plan everything or register the name. Once you get the approval, you will easily get the money, or you can start the setup.

Would you want to know about the cold storage project report 2020? The project report of 2020 will help all the farmers had to have their own cold storage unit. Now, farmers can store the fruits and vegetables for a long time without any issues. Moreover, there is no need to sell vegetables and fruits at throwaway prices that are not satisfied. When it comes to set up the cold storage project, you need to prepare the cold storage project report 2020. This will be helpful in setup the project without any doubts.

Cold Storage Project Report

What things cold storage project report 2020 are included? Everything is mentioned in the project report includes subsidy information or the cost prices as per unit that you want to install. All these required things are mentioned in the cold storage project report. Moreover, it’s mandatory to consult with professionals who have knowledge of 20 years in the same business. They will help set up the business appropriately but without any problems.

One can read the facts about the cold storage project report online. If you want to get more information, you can meet with a professional cold storage consultant who will help start your own cold storage project in a short amount of time. All things will be based on the unit that you choose to install or make sure the unit is enough as per production and consumption.

According to the cold storage project report 2020, every detail about subsidy is mentioned, so if anyone has a shortage of money or want to start up the cold storage business, they get financially helped from government authorities.

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What cold storage project report says?

According to Cold Storage Project Report, one more factor that contributes to the loss is not processing highly perishable foods properly. There are several other problems that also account for the loss of products, such as the cost of cold storage, unequal distribution, or improper management along with the outdated mechanism. All the terms are demanded accurately in terms of implemented cold storage that is easily accessible or works at a lower cost. Unfortunately, these demands are fulfilled partially. 

Things to do for a cold storage project

  • Accurate connectivity by drainage facilities and Road. The elevation of the property is considered.
  • Land for the storage is converted to non-agriculture land.
  • The load strength of soil may be tested or suitable for the design.
  • Get permission from the authority for the construction of cold storage.
  • The market size and product are evaluated, and the property is matched as per the capacity of cold storage.
  • The cold storage must be planned accurately, or it does not work for more than 12 hours.
  • Vacuum and pressure testing are one among Paramount aspect.
  • Water that is used in the cold storage should be very soft.
  • Make sure the trained workers can operate the cold storage system or maintains it well.
  • You should also plan for the standby equipment.
  • The power supply of the cold storage is provided as per the requirements for applying to the alternate source that you need to keep in mind.
  • Insurance for the cold storage plant, as well as machinery, is a mandatory measurement that you cannot avoid.
  • The cold storage has alarms, fire exits as well as extinguishers that are designed accurately.

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Things to avoid for a cold storage project

  • Cold storage project is not set up in the areas that have poor roads.
  • Soil is tested for the load-bearing capacity, and it is well designed that is never avoided.
  • Agriculture land is not permitted for cold storage construction without conversion into the known agricultural land.
  • Do not set up the cold storage plant without getting the proper estimation.
  • Do not avoid getting permission from the local authorities because it might lead to several problems.
  • Hard water is never used.
  • Safety measurements should not be avoided.
  • Critical equipment should not be awarded to save money.
  • Do not start cold storage units without insurance coverage.
  • People who are not trained in the equipment and should not be allowed to operate.

Technical aspects of cold storage project

Consider the information about 100 mt cold storage project report is helpful. When it comes to storing the product at a specific temperature in the refrigeration system along with a cold storage plant is there is a need to work on two principles that are-

Vapor absorption system of cold storage project

It is very economical, and it can compensate for the investment. It also conserves energy as well as operational cost. It has the limitations that can store the items or produce below 10-degree C.

The compression system of cold storage project

It is available in three different kinds that are based on the temperature of it is required in the storage room. The current diffusion system is utilized when the height of the storage room is low. It is a kind of Bunker system that is used when the storage height is more than 11.5 meters. The coil system can be used for the room height that is above 5.4 meters, or it consumes less energy. But it is costlier as compared to other systems.

Refrigerant is a kind of material that allows the cooling process to do. It gets heat by evaporation and provides the heat by condensation. The high-speed compressors are used because they can easily maintain. Moreover, it consumes less cost, or these are more energy-efficient. 

When it comes to purchasing the equipment for cold storage, make sure to select properly. Check out that it has the capacity to handle the heat load. Consider that the capacity of cold storage rate the heat that is based on the designation for other following factors need to be considered-

  • Light load
  • Fan load
  • Age of recruitment
  • A load of the fresh air charge
  • The heat from the ceiling, walls, or more

cold storage project report for 500 mt      

Do you want to know the cold storage project report for 500 mt? The total cost of the cold storage project for 500 MT is 100 to 110 lacs. Moreover, the cost will depend on technological aspects as well as the features that you choose. The cold storage project report for 500 mt is enough to store the goods that are of two or three godowns.

Those who want to start their own cold storage project report for 500 mt consider the facts or costs first. To prolong the life of food, the cold storage facilities are paramount. It plays an important role in keeping fruits and vegetables healthier.   

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cold storage project report for 1000 mt    

The cost of cold storage project report for 1000 mt is 250* Lakh. The land value will be additional. So, it cost more than the mentioned amount because you need supportive staff, utility expenses, or more. All these expenses are needed to do at the starting of the project. When it comes to starting a cold storage project report for 1000 mt, you could go with experts who help analyze the facts, respectively. 

cold storage project report for 10000 mt  

is cold storage project report for 10000 mt helpful to manage the invested capital? Yes, it would be beneficial to consider the required aspects. Furthermore, the prepared report will help work step-by-step. You could move next to complete the set-up project with the cold storage project report for 10000 mt. 

cold storage project report for 100 mt      

What is the actual cost of the 100 mt cold storage project report? The project needs to be analyzed rightly to measure the actual amount need to invest in the project. To do so, you can contact professional consultants to provide advice or services to choose the land or do all the preparations for the project. The cold storage project account 2020 is varied, or it depends on the unit you choose. There are different kinds of units available that you choose. So, it’s mandatory to prepare the cold storage project report for 100 mt before the start. 

Whether you want to get details for the cold storage project report for 100 mt, you should meet experts. The professionals will help me learn more about the project without any doubts. 

100 mt cold storage project report            

What to do to know about 100 mt cold storage project report? The report will be prepared as per the analysis. You need the professional support of cold storage consultants for the right evaluation of the project. Everything will be sorted perfectly when you get-in-touch with professionals. As we mentioned earlier, the 100 mt cold storage project report will help get all details about cost factors or more. 

The 100 mt cold storage project report has detailed information on cost or other aspects. Moreover, the calculated aspects will benefit consider the details about the set-up project of the cold storage unit. You get information about specific projects doubtlessly. For more information, you can contact experts or do a little bit of a search online. 

What is cold storage subsidy?

What is a cold storage plant government subsidy? The objective of the scheme is related to the cold chain or provide the services to set up the cold storage plant. It covers the infrastructure facilities along with the entire supply chain. It includes schooling sorting weight or different kind of cold storage machines. The cooling units are facilitated to the person or in the government will help in invested capital. This is all about cold storage subsidy 2019 or 2020. 

The post-harvest project is set up by a partnership firm. The project will be fulfilled when the eligibility conditions are under the scheme guidelines. Cold storage facilities are built to store processed foods for a long time. Moreover, cold rooms are Paramount because it helps to keep the life of food fresh. It is also efficient in evacuated the amount of Taste as well as lengthen the time frame for the marketing of the food.

Criteria for getting cold storage subsidy

Do you want to know about the cold storage plant government subsidy? All the required criteria are mentioned down that you consider when it comes to getting a subsidy for the cold storage project report.

Subsidy under the process of MIDH

There is a need to prepare the detailed cold storage development report for 500 mt. Follow this mentioned process to go through.

  • Applied to the Nationalised banks for a loan or comply with all the bank norms.
  • Receive the loan sanction from the nationalized bank.
  • Application for the subsidy + bank loan sanction + filled datasheet.
  • Submitted the document into the state mission as well as the national Horticulture mission.
  • The state-level executive committee selects the object.
  • Projects are done for technical compliance by the state project committee.
  • In case things are required for the project can be marked to the central project committee.

Major documents for cold storage subsidy

  • The land document is mandatory with NA permission.
  • Details project report.
  • If applying for a cold chain scheme, then get a pollution control board certificate.
  • Bank sanction letter with the appraisal report.
  • Checklist and basic information about cold storage.
  • Details of all the quotations.
  • Approve the building maps with certified persons.
  • Estimated the project cost with mechanical certificates.

Procedure after getting the subsidy

Would you want to have information about the cold storage plant government subsidy? The schemes are available to facilitate the strong cold storage facility for horticultural for agricultural as well as poultry and meat production. To process the preserved food rightly or keep them last long on former cold storage projects are under starting. There are different components of the cold storage project that is under the minimal processing center.

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What are the advantages of cold storage project report setup?

What claims to be the cold storage project report 2020? Cold storage can be a place to store vegetables and fruits as well. It can be the best alternative to prolong the life of spoilage foods. There are several processed foods, such as fish and meat, that need preservation. Force and number of alternative commodities are preserved by the storage. A cold room can be an excellent plan that keeps things cooler as compared to regular temperature. Several benefits are consumed by these units, or it is quite beneficial for business use.

What are things included in the Cold Storage Project Report? Another beneficial thing about the container is adjustable temperature. The custom units are fitted with the refrigerant system to satisfy the required needs. The cold room is completely adjustable and figure out the required temperature that prevents the goods. Moreover, the storage is equipped with a temperature controller as well as monitoring.

Can you learn more about the advantages of cold storage with the help of the Cold Storage Project Report? A lot of money spent on the temperature to keep the fruits and vegetables fresher for the long term. One of the technological methods is cold storage project that has customizable in temperature. The cooler refrigeration can assist in saving a good amount of money by keeping the spoilage fruits. Cold storeroom will keep the vegetables and fruits at the right temperature. It will also facilitate reducing waste, and the economy is the thing well.

Fruits are left in the room, or it will happen will be spoilt quickly. Cold storage rooms will profit, or you get the vegetables and fruits in bulk.

Do you want to know about the cold storage project report 2020? The cold storage room has an added challenge, or it is based on the kind of business that you have got. Cold store house helps to grow your business, or it provides several benefits. You can use the warehouse as a tool that will help to continually grow and expand the business. If these foods are not processed well, it can lead to changes in texture and flavor. One can reap all the advantages after considering the information about cold storage plan statement. 

About the author

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya (Managing director) aged 49 years, having a Diploma in Fabrication Technology, has 25 years of experience in setting up cold storage and chilling plants. After completion of Diploma in Fabrication technology, he worked with indo-Techno Frigo Ltd. As Manager (fabrication) and Purchase Executive for a period of 5 years. He then joined L&T as General Manager (Projects). In 1997 he started his own company. Mr.Yogesh Dahiya is the key person of NSSPL (group company) and his job includes holding meeting with clients, understanding their requirements, selection of sites, suggestion of right technology, preparation of engineering design, civil works etc and then finally fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire plants. Till now he had set up 160 cold storage and chilling plants of various capacities. In this project he takes care of all the technical aspects of the company.
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