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Cold storage project cost in Bangladesh is high. So cold storage is a marketable installation for storing some products. Before install one should know about the Cold storage project cost in Bangladesh always. We all have some basic ideas and info about cold storage. It is a building that uses for storing some products and this storage is made such ways.Like fruit and vegetables or dairy products or meats, fish etc. Mini cold storage plant cost will be low. You can store those products under controlled conditions for a long time. You need to have very careful about the storage conditions. Cold storage is nowadays is very important to preserve all products that we will need. So let’s check out all about cold storage.

What is cold storage

Cold storage is a store or a huge space where you can store all your products that can be waste at normal temperature. So you need to store that product in a proper way to keep it in good quality. The cold storage will keep your product at some temperature that you choose for it. And for this, your product will keep fresh and in good quality for a long time. And keeping them at the right temperature will prevent those products from damage. So it is very important to choose the right temperature and the right process for storing your product.

cold storage project cost in bangladesh

Type of cold storage

There are some types of cold storage. And the classification system will depend on the based of the conditions of the cold storage. So based on the condition of the cold storage there are 3 types of cold storage.

• temporary or short term cold storage.

• long term cold storage.

• frozen cold storage.

In the short term, cold storage the product will store slightly cold temperatures as per its need. Then in the long term cold storage the product will store for long periods at a cold temperature as per the product demands. And in the last, some products need frozen cold storage for long periods.

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The temperature of the cold storage

The cold storage temperature will be dependent on the product needs. As all products are different and their storage process and storage capacity is also different. For that, the temperature of the stored product will be different. Some products need slightly cold temperatures and some need between 2° to 16° temperature. And the temperature of the cold storage will also depend on the period to store that product. Some needs 1 to 15 days or some product needs 2 to 3 month also. And some product needs 6 to 8 mon such as onion or potatoes.

Importance of the cold storage

The cold storages are very much beneficial in today’s world. It gives you the facility to store the products for a long time with keeping them of good quality. And also will serve in the best way to you and your family. Cold storage is very important to keep all foods fresh for the long period. And it also prevents damages and from insect attacks. So it is very important for the food industry. And day by day our food supplies are increasing so that you must have store your products in a proper way that can help you to supply your product as much as you can.

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The cold storage project

You need to keep some info while planning the cold storage. And the planning of doing in cold storage and all things are called the project of the cold storage. Our company will show you many project and their costs, like 1000 Mt cold storage cost.  And there is a large quantity of the produced product. So it needs to be stored for a long time uses. While doing a cold storage project you need to remember about the production cycle. Like land, Labour, crops, Power, water and many more. All are the process of a projection of the cold storage. Mini cold storage plant cost is not that high. In this planning, you have to focus on a proper management system and distribution.

Things to remember for the cold storage

There are many things to remember while planning the co storage project.

• You need to have proper connectivity by road.

• The land where you build your cold storage should be a none agricultural land.

• Local authority permission for the construction needs to be taken.

• You need to be careful about safety.

• The cold storage water uses a system that should be soft.

• The cold storage needs proper equipment.

• Cold storage should have the right alarming system and fire exit design.

• And finally you could not avoid taking insurance for the cold storage.

Things to avoid in cold storage project

Many things are needs to be avoided during the cold storage planning. Those are,

• The cold storage set-up should not be in that place where the road connectivity is poor.

• You need to do a soil test first for load-bearing capacity.

• You also need a proper estimate, so do not avoid this point.

• In the cold storage, never use hard water.

• Safety systems are never be avoided.

• Never start cold storage without proper insurance coverage.

• The employed people you appoint should have the proper knowledge about their work.

Basic design and requirements

The cold storage needs a proper design and requirements. So there are some basic things that you need to know about cold storage is given below.

• The cold storage room dimension is 14 ft. × 10 ft. × 10 ft.

• The temperature required 4° c + 2° c.

• The humidity of the cold storage space should be 85 to 90 per cent.

• The outer surface temperature is presumed to be near 43° c.

• You need storage materials like fruit and vegetables or meat and fish etc.

• The capacity of the storage unit should be 10 metric tons.

• The incoming product loading rate per day is 3300 kg.

• In the cold storage, the initial temperature of the produce is 28° to 35° c.

• The refrigeration capacity should be 30000 Btu/ hr.

The product that can be stored in cold storage

The product from the agriculture department and other industries can store their produce products in cold storage. There are categorical 3 groups that are divided as per their category. These 3 groups are

• Fruits and vegetables.

• Meats and fish.

• Other commodities like beer, dairy, tobacco, ice cream, chocolate, chips and many more.

Cost of cold storage project

This huge and the high demanding project takes a high cost to invest. Like all and every department of the cold storage needs proper equipment and all facilities. And for that, you need a huge amount of investment. So 500 Mt storage cost will be around 2 Cr to 5 Cr. Now the cost can be changed depends on every project. So the project cost mainly depends on the location of the cold storage, availability and demand of materials in the market. Some main investments are given below, and the investment has shown here is for 10 MT cold storage, not the 500 Mt storage cost.

• Machinery cost will be 4, 65, 000. 00

• cost of the area, @Rs 1000/ Sq. ft. Will be 1, 92, 000. 00

• Electricity supply cost will be 1,00 000.00

• The insurance coverage will be 30,000.00

• Another cost of generators and accessories will be 3,90, 000.00

• Other several costs will be 10,000.00

• Tax and installation costs will be near about 1,50,000.00

So the total cost for 10 MT cold storage will be 13,37,000.00. If you make a chart of 1000 Mt cold storage cost then it will be different always.

Loans and subsidies for the cold storage

There are many loan plans and subsidies for the cold storage project.  You can take an 80 per cent loan from a nationalized bank for this cold storage business. Some bank provides for the cold storage near 5000 MT infrastructure capacity. If here we discussed 500 Mt storage cost, then that will be different. And 1000 Mt cold storage cost will be higher than this.  Many countries main authorities provide financial assistance for build cold storage and it depends on the project size and its feasibility.

While properly manage cold storage need many things. Such as maintaining the temperature, humidity level, storage space, containers all more things. You can take loans for bearing mini cold storage plant costs. The temperature of the cold storage is very important as the products in the store are different. And their temperature assuming power will be also different. So you need to give proper treatment to your all products as per their needs.

Our company

Our company will help you do all of these and will guide you through the process. We have many plans which are the basic stages of development. Our priority is to make our customers satisfied. We work all over the world and our experts are very experienced at their work. They will understand what your needs are. And as per your capacity, they will give you the best plan for cold storage. Cold storage project cost in Bangladesh also depends on many things. If you are interested or looking forward to this project then you can contact us. We are always here to help you.

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya (Managing director) aged 49 years, having a Diploma in Fabrication Technology, has 25 years of experience in setting up cold storage and chilling plants. After completion of Diploma in Fabrication technology, he worked with indo-Techno Frigo Ltd. As Manager (fabrication) and Purchase Executive for a period of 5 years. He then joined L&T as General Manager (Projects). In 1997 he started his own company. Mr.Yogesh Dahiya is the key person of NSSPL (group company) and his job includes holding meeting with clients, understanding their requirements, selection of sites, suggestion of right technology, preparation of engineering design, civil works etc and then finally fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire plants. Till now he had set up 160 cold storage and chilling plants of various capacities. In this project he takes care of all the technical aspects of the company.
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