Cold Storage Price in Nepal

At present, the storage facility in Nepal is not sufficient and it Cold storage price in Nepal needs to be developed all the time. The Cold storage price in Nepal is also standard and you have to make a business plan to know more details. Regularly here lots of losses arise regarding vegetables and fruits storage and here need to improve the post-harvest management system. Due to a lack of cold storage, in Nepal, big losses happen. Due to fewer resources, vegetables and fruits are spoiling every month. If you want to use resources properly, then Cold Storage Price in Nepal is very important…

There are several business owners and entrepreneurs; they are looking to set up cold storage facility. It is a highly demanding business and able to earn much profit.

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How much money need for investment? 

The Cold Storage Price in Nepal will vary because based on the size of the cold storage you have to invest. You can go for a rent scheme or you can buy land to build a cold storage room. Several banks offer loans for cold storage; you can choose any type of investment as per your need and requirement. You can make a cold storage room for particular one type of product or multi-products. You have to follow some simple steps to build a cold storage room in Nepal. 

What will be the subsidy amount limit for cold storage?

In Nepal, there is a subsidy amount limit for build cold storage facilities. Here, the government will allot a subsidy for cold storage projects. Business owners can get up to 75 lakh subsidies for a cold storage facility. There are different types of cold storage units you may build to run your business, based on that government will subsidy. Make a business plan for Cold Storage Price in Nepal and then calculate the approximate price.

How to apply business owners for a subsidy?

If you want to cold storage subsidy in Nepal, then you have to check the following information. Cold Storage Price in Nepal is very important and calculation is needed properly.

You have to make a report and prepare all the steps properly.

  • First, you have to apply for a loan for cold storage. 
  • Now, once you get approval from the nationalized bank for a loan, then you have to give an application for subsidy and you need to fill the datasheet. 
  • now, you have to submit the documents to the state mission
  • state-level committee selects the main object
  • Next, the project will be ready for technical compliances.

In Nepal there are very few resources people will find for the cold storage business. There are different units available for cold storage like 1500 MT, 2500 MT, 5000 MT, etc. There are different factors based on that you have to choose the best cold storage for your business. Demand for cold storage is very high here and you have to invest a one-time investment to set up Cold Storage Price in Nepal. Choose the best cold storage and product details which you need to store here. 

Make a proper business plan and then based on the plan moving forward. In Nepal, the business opportunity regarding cold storage is always high and it offers several benefits. Once you invest for one time, you will get a return long time. You have to follow some simple steps to set up a proper cold storage room in Nepal. 

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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