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Cold Storage For Vegetables has high demand in our India. Due to insufficient and lack of proper Cold Storage For Vegetables many vegetable become wastage. Cold storage is a highly profitable business. The demand for cold storage is increasing in developed and developing countries. As per the storage facility, there are two types of cold storage which have the most demand! One model of cold storage is used for specific products and another for multipurpose products. In India, there are different types of vegetable production done. Every year lots of vegetables went to different countries and the rest we used for the local market. Due to insufficient cold storage for vegetables, every year 20-30% vegetable wastage. To stop vegetable wastage, cold storage plays an important role. 

The government of India, every year, launches different policies and subsidies for the cold storage business. Whether you are a new business owner or investor and looking for the best business from where you can able to get monthly long-term income, then cold storage will be always the best idea. Choose the Low-cost cold storage for vegetables in India and build the best cold storage now! It requires a one-time investment and if you will be able to set up cold storage successfully, then you will get many benefits. Cold storage not only helps to make a profit long term but it also helps to keep all vegetables and fruits fresh as long as you need. It will help to increase further business and improve economic condition as well. 

Cold Storage For Vegetables

What are the benefits of commercial cold storage for vegetables?

If you don’t keep vegetables in cold storage, they will not stay fresh for more than a few days. If you keep vegetables in open air or tight air, it starts diorite the condition after few days and dangerous bacteria will start to develop here. Cold storage helps to keep fruits and vegetables at minimum temperature and reduce wastage of vegetables. Within cold storage, they can keep vegetables fresh as long as you need. To build Low-cost cold storage for vegetables in India you have to take more information, idea, and knowledge. To control different types of vegetables, you need to install different temperature control systems and cooling machines. There are different types of vegetables available in the market in India like potatoes, carrots, onion, papaya, ginger, capsicum, cauliflower, etc. You can build cold storage for single vegetables like potatoes, onion, orange, ginger, and garlic, etc. or you can build large cold storage for multiple vegetable items.

Another benefit of Cold Storage For Vegetables is that they are customizable. In Cold storage the main part is temperature. If you want to keep your product fresh and cool then storing fruits and vegetables always important. So, you have to control the temperature for different items differently. There are different types of vegetable cold storage you can prepare for yourself.

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The temperature that helps to control vegetables

In India, in every season or throughout the season, there are different types of vegetable production are going on! In most cases, for different types of vegetables, a normal temperature setup is essential. At a certain temperature, most of the vegetables can stay long but some vegetables need some more temperature or less as per their features.

if you want to keep the store in your cold storage cucumber or tomatoes, then in summer, you need to make the temperature up to 7 degrees to 10 degrees and if you want to keep banana and sprouts in the cold storage within a cool season, then you have to keep the temperature low. Know the Low-cost cold storage for vegetables in India and then proceed. Expert guidance, skill, and experience all play an important role here.

What type of cold storage better for vegetables?

Most of the cold storage is versatile. When you are planning to build Cold Storage For Vegetables for fruits and vegetables, during that situation, you need to choose expert advice. There are different types of cold storage available in the market but based on your need, budget, and location, you have to decide whether you need to open cold storage for a single product or multiple products. It’s always better to consult with an experienced consultant for this matter. People who have years of experience in this field and have solid knowledge, skill, and experience, only can able to make cold storage for vegetables

Refrigerated containers

You can select refrigerated containers which come from different shape and size. This type of container with a refrigerator is the best option for transporting vegetables from one place to another place. For large and medium-sized companies, you can start this type of cold storage van. You have to know proper information about Cold storage for vegetables cost  and then need to proceed. 

Blast freezer

This is another type of freezer which mainly use for fruits and vegetables. Here, you can able to control the temperature up to minus 40 degrees. You will be able to keep different types of fruits and vegetables here. For small quantity vegetables, you can use such type of cold storage unit. Understand about Cold storage for vegetables cost and then utilize it.   

Cold rooms

For fresh vegetable storage, cold rooms are ideal. You can make Cold Storage For Vegetables for single products or multiple products. For any type of business owners, traders, agencies, or wholesalers, this type of cold room always ideal for their vegetables. They will keep store vegetables for the long term and distribute them throughout the year from the cold storage room.

How much need to invest in the cold storage business?

Well, if you need cold storage for a single product then you have to spend less amount whereas if you need Cold Storage For Vegetables for a large number of vegetables then you have to spend much more. If you are planning to set up a cold storage small room, you have to spend up to a few lakh to many crores. For mini cold storage, you may need to invest up to 50 lakh. The more you invest, the more you will get advanced technology and the best cold storage. Before you invest in the cold storage business, it’s always better to make a financial budget. Know all the information regarding the Vegetable cold storage business and then proceed further.  The more you will prepare an accurate budget the more you will be able to gain profit. Proper business plan, financial analysis always helps you to move forward in a cold storage business

Vegetable cold storage business

What are the documents need for cold storage?

There are different types of documents you have to prepare for Cold Storage For Vegetables. Following documents, you need to prepare to make cold storage…

  1. You need to prepare documents and paper to for apply cold storage license
  2. You have to make other papers to buy land or take rent 
  3. Need to submit papers and more documents for verification for ban loan and approval
  4. Also need to prepare documents for taking government subsidy. 

Why professional consultant needed?

It’s always better to take professional consultants because they play an important role. If you are new or don’t have much idea about the cold storage business, then proper guidance is always better here. From investment to land purchase, cooling machine purchase, and other expenses, expert consultants always play an important role here. If you are planning a Vegetable cold storage business here expert advice is very important. They not only guide you but provide you complete support at every step.

They will prepare all types of documents for your cold storage and help you to make a business plan and support you calculate the financial budget. They will also apply on behalf of your company loan, government subsidy and help you to identify the proper location to set up Cold Storage For Vegetables. A company or experienced team of consultant always guide you at every step. They also help you to promote and advertise products and services online. Choose the best Vegetable cold storage business and then proceed. 

From start to end, they will always support you till you can build a successfully cold storage. 

Low cost cold storage for vegetables in India

What are the factors that need to analysis for the cold storage business!

If you want to plan to build cold storage for vegetables, then you have to consider the following points…

Types of cold storage -You have to first identify what type of cold storage you want to establish. Like whether you need single product cold storage or multiple product cold storage. Based on your requirement, you have to proceed further. Aware about Cold storage for vegetables cost and then proceed. 

Location – This is another important factor. Location plays an important role. If you want to store vegetables in your cold storage then you must keep your cold storage near farmland. So, after taking the vegetables from land they can reach cold storage very easily. You also need to decide whether you need land for rent for you want to purchase the land for the cold storage business. 

Cooling machine – This is another important point, before you invest in the cold storage business, you have to identify what type of cooling machine you want to purchase. Always check different types of cooling machines, their capabilities, power consumption records and then make a decision. 

Temperature control technology–in the cold storage room, always need to implement advanced technology to control the temperature within cold storage for different vegetables. The temperature control technology is very important because using this control system you will be able to make vegetables fresh in your cold storage as long as you wish. To start a Vegetables Cold Storage you have to know all the steps and you need to collect all the data and then proceed.         

Power backup – In India, during the summer power cut is normal. During such a situation, we need to implement some power backup position in cold storage otherwise vegetables can wastage in a long power cut. You can buy a generator or a more advanced system to run cold storage power 24*7 all the time. 

Government subsidy – This is another important point. In India, currently, there are different types of government subsidy projects available for cold storage. If you can submit proper documents and papers for cold storage, then you can get up to 50% subsidy easily. There are different types of Vegetables Cold Storage available in the market.

Daily expenses – To build cold storage and maintain, you have to spend daily expenses for transportation, labor cost, etc. before the start, you have to calculate all such expenses approx. and make a budget and try to move forward with that budget. 

Following important points you have to remember and understand if you want to build Vegetables Cold Storage in India. Make a proper plan, make a proper budget and then proceed. It’s essential to analyze and research the market before the start because here you need to invest a huge amount for this purpose. 

FAQs For Cold Storage For Vegetables

How many days vegetables can be stored in cold storage? 

In cold storage, you can store different types of vegetables as long as you wish. You can store vegetables normally from 1 month to up to 12 months as well. 

Can we store vegetables in cold storage

Yes, we can store vegetables in cold storage for the long run, and it never a wastage. 

How do you make a vegetable cold room?

To make a vegetable cold room you have to choose land, make a proper budget, buy a cooling machine as per vegetable type and then start to build a cold storage room. It requires lots of steps to move further. 

How many days vegetables can be stored in cold storage?

In cold storage, you can store different types of vegetables as long as you wish. You can store vegetables normally from 1 month to up to 12 months as well.

What is the best temperature for vegetables?

Different vegetables need different types of temperature for this purpose. You can select temperature from minus to plus base on need. You can’t set a single temperature for all types of vegetables.

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