Cold storage for PEPSICO Process Potato 15000MT

Name of the Project: ‐ Cold storage for PEPSICO Process Potato 15000MT

Year of Commissioning: ‐ 2021

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This is a Green Field project and we have installed, tested and commissioned this 15000 MT cold storage for Process variety of potato for PepsiCo. This plant is designed to maintain desired storage parameters (Temp, Humidity, Co2) with advanced ventilation system. This is an ammonia based glycol cooling coils refrigeration plant with PLC operation. Glycol being cooled in Plate type heat exchanger by ammonia and further circulated in Pumps. So the charge of ammonia is reduced and limited to machine room area about 1700kg of ammonia. This is a green refrigerant. We have used VFD in Pumps and compressors to optimize the cost of operation. Each chamber is being provided with individual glycol pumps with VFD to maintain the chamber temperature close to set point ( +/‐ 0.5deg C) by speed control of pump. All piping is SS to avoid corrosion due to chemical reaction. We have achieved potato loading capacity inside chamber on per day basis up to 1000MT with loading conveyors & machineries fully design & built by NSSPL. Plant is fully PLC operated.

Facility Installed:

This is basically storage of process variety of potatoes in BULK and wooden BOX. We have installed potato handling machinery from receiving/unloading from truck to loading inside chamber with grading facility. The line capacity of material loading is 80,000kg per hr basis. The total storage is 15000MT in 12 nos of chambers.

Major Equipments Installed:

  • Loading bunker‐ NSSPL Make
  • Pre‐sorter‐ NSSPL Make
  • Telescopic conveyors‐ NSSPL Make
  • Product conveyors‐ NSSPL Make
  • Inspection table‐ NSSPL Make
  • Box filler‐ NSSPL Make
  • Box tipper‐ NSSPL Make
  • Store loader‐ NSSPL Make
  • Potato unloading scooter‐ NSSPL Make
  • Reception conveyors‐ NSSPL Make
  • Compressors‐ NSSPL Make
  • Evaporative condenser‐Thermax
  • HP/LP/Glycol tank‐ NSSPL Make
  • Glycol based cooling coil‐Alfa Luve
  • Bulk Store air ducts‐NSSPL make
  • Energy Wheel‐ NSSPL make
  • Humidifier‐ NSSPL Make
  • Advanced ventilation system with PLC
Mode of Operation:

Operation PC based with advance PLC system SIEMENS.

Key highlights of the project.
  • Entire plant including civil is installed & commissioned in 5 months time
  • PEB design with Insulated PUF panel
  • Floor insulation by PUF Spray which improves the thermal leakage by traditional PUF slab insulation and reduce the installation
  • Glycol based cooling system with SS piping
  • About 9000 wooden boxes in storage facility
  • 80 tph line built for PEPSICO is first in INDIA in Storage facility
  • All box made by NSSPL at site in record time

Project Photos

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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