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If you are here to know the exact Cold Storage Cost, you are here at the right place. Along with cold storage plant cost, we are going to discuss everything about the cold storage business.

Understanding the operation of a cold storage chiller is crucial in planning and installing cooling systems. A cold storage is made up of several vital elements for its operation such as cold storage doors, temperature and humidity control systems, as well as physical structures such as insulation panels and airflow systems. If you are eager to know about cold storage investment cost, read on.

Within the equipment necessary for an efficient installation of a cold storage, the cooler is one of the most determining elements. In simple terms, this equipment is responsible for eliminating the heat emanating from products, substances, and operational processes, replacing it with air at a set temperature.

Before we know about the cold storage cost per ton and cold storage plant cost, let’s first know what is a cold storage?

What is a cold storage?

A cold storage is an industrial facility where meat or vegetables are stored for conservation and subsequent marketing. You could say that they are “cold storages”.

Typology of cold storages:

There are many types of cold storages (in terms of size, design, performance …). The important thing is that these can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the establishment.

Broadly speaking, we can divide them into 5:

1. The modular cold storage

2. Combi cold storage

3. Walk-in cold storage

4. Industrial Chiller

5. The custom-built cold storage

The cooler: The heart of the cold storage:

One of the physical properties in the cooling process is the loss of heat and the exchange of temperatures with the environment. Cold stores are installed to maintain products, substances, and processes at artificially controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

To achieve this objective, a series of physical processes intervene that take the intrinsic temperature of the products and bring them to the desired temperature. 

The loss of heat from these products is emanated into the chamber, corrupting the thermal balance, increasing the ambient temperature. Temperature changes are detected by the chamber thermostat, which activates the cooler, which releases cold air until it returns to generalized temperature levels.

The same happens when there are heat exchanges between the controlled environment inside the chamber and the external environment. 

With the entry of air at different temperatures, the thermal balance of the chamber is altered, so the cooler is required to be activated to reach the set temperatures. 

For energy efficiency reasons and as a means of internal control of cold storage temperatures, the chillers only operate on demand. Automatically and linked to the ambient temperature detection instruments, the cooler turns on and off each time the ambient temperature needs to be lowered.

What is a cold storage cooler for?

Food and pharmaceutical products are susceptible to decomposition and degradation from a certain temperature. In general, the formation of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, proliferate at certain temperatures. Keeping products at temperatures below the vitality temperature of these microorganisms has been shown to delay the decomposition process.

There is no set, generalized decomposition temperature. Each product, depending on its physicochemical nature, varies the decomposition temperature. 

Each cooling chamber must be adapted according to the product contained since there are products that are sensitive to degradation by low temperatures. This delicate thermal balance depends exclusively on the efficiency of the system in a temperature range that is programmed at the operator’s will.

Cooling systems, hot air extraction, and thermal measurement instruments are attached to physical structures such as insulating panels, cold storage doors, and cold storage inlet-outlet controls.

old storage plant cost

What is the cold storage cost per ton?

In this section, we will learn what is the cold storage cost per ton?

The capacity of the storage unit: 10 metric tonnes. Incoming product load rate: 3300 kg per day. Initial Temperature of the produce: 28-35˚C.

So, the cold storage charges are about 1,92,000 INR. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about the cold storage setup cost.

Air cooler operation:

To know the exact Cold Storage Cost, we should consider air cooling operation.

Any cooling system works under the same principle: heat transfer. It is required to replace the air in a given area with cooler air from the cooling equipment. Three fundamental elements are involved in this process:

  • Temperature detection systems: Through the use of environmental measurement instruments, the interior conditions of the chamber are constantly determined. These instruments send start signals to the air-cooling equipment every time the ambient temperature exceeds the established limits. Likewise, they order the shutdown once the indicated temperature is reached.
  • Air extraction systems: The hot air must be extracted from the interior of the chamber to give way to the cold air from the cooler. This is possible due to the ascending properties of hot air and descending properties of cold air.
  • Cooling systems: Through the use of evaporators, compressors, condensers, refrigerant agents, and ventilation, a complex mechanical process allows cold air to be expelled towards a determined area.

With this process of “injection” of cold air into a closed area, it becomes possible to reduce the ambient temperature of a chamber, to the point desired by the operator.

Every system is different: 

We cannot calculate the precise Cold Storage Cost as every system is different. However, internal air circulation, stored products, circulation of human operators, machinery, area, and other elements are involved in shaping a cold storage cooling system.

For efficient operation of a storage, a planning process must be carried out, design, installation, and verification of efficiency, which is crucial for correct operational performance and to achieve the objectives efficiently set by the camera.

Here, heat and moisture exchanges are minimized and require more robust and insulating refrigeration doors. Each area requires a different airflow design, with greater control of the extraction of hot and humid air to control internal variables. To keep industrial refrigeration cycles in optimal conditions, a series of equipment, physical, and support facilities are needed to maximize their efficiency.

Parts of an industrial refrigeration cycle:

Parts of an industrial refrigeration cycle also play an important role to consider the precise Cold Storage cost.

The operation of an industrial refrigeration cycle is very similar to that of any cold chamber. Obviously, on a large scale and with multiplied external variables. As the zones get larger, the polluting variables grow and multiply.

The installation of an industrial refrigeration cycle requires much more elaborate planning, research, and design than in a small cold storage. However, the mechanical and physical components are very similar:

  • Temperature preservation panels, floors, and ceilings
  • Refrigeration doors with minimal waste or heat exchanges
  • Air compressors
  • Refrigerant gas evaporators
  • Refrigerant gas condensers
  • Evaporators and expansion valves
  • Ambient air extraction and ventilation systems
  • Humidifiers or dehumidifiers
  • Alarm system
  • Instruments for measuring environmental variables
  • Safety and risk prevention systems

Call us and know about the cold storage plant cost.

cold storage cost per ton
Types of refrigeration cycles:

To know Cold Storage Cost, it is important to know about its different types of refrigeration cycles.

Many industries use refrigeration cycle systems in their daily operation. Depending on its function, 3 types of refrigeration cycles can be used:

  • Refrigeration chamber cycles: In these areas, generally, temperatures above freezing are maintained, with temperature, airflow, and humidity control.

These refrigeration chambers can be for storage or processing, in which the movement of people and equipment must be taken into consideration. As well as doors for refrigeration and air extraction systems

  • Cycles of freezing chambers: In these chambers, the temperatures are below the freezing point (0ºC) and the humidity is very low. In general, they are intended for the storage and preservation of frozen products or those that require temperatures below 0ºC.

The correct installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration cycles are vital for many industries, which base their entire operation on their efficiency.

What does roughly cold storage investment cost?

The roughly cold storage investment cost is about 3.5 crore to 4.00 crore. This cold storage charges for setting up 5000 MT cold storage. However, it is important to know that, these cold storage charges are including the cost of the land.

Now, we are sure you have got the idea about roughly cold storage setup cost.

What is a cold storage used for?

Thanks to the cold stores we can preserve both the element itself (perishable and non-perishable products, tests …) and its properties.

We not only make sure that the chambers have the necessary temperature but also that they keep a good relationship between humidity and the gaseous composition of the environment.

Are you interested to know about cold storage setup cost? Do not hesitate to contact us at Natural Storage Solutions Pct. Ltd. (

Where can we find them?

In addition to the food industry (butchers, greengrocers …) and restaurants (hotels, restaurants …) they are also used in pharmacies, scientific research areas, funeral homes, and a long etcetera.

cold storage investment cost
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