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To build cold storage, first, you have to understand Cold Storage Cost in Nepal and then need to make a financial budget. Once you are aware of the Cold Storage costs in Nepal then you can make a budget and proceed further. Nepal is situated in the south Asia country and is located in the Himalayas. In Nepal, you will find different climates but most of the climate is cool! if you will visit northern Nepal, you will find summer is cool and winters are severe but if you will go with another part you will find summers are very hot and winters are cool! Nepal has five seasons like summer, monsoon, autumn, spring, and winter. So, here, agriculture is a very hard process because Nepal does not have plain land, and here very fewer quantity fruits and vegetables produce every year.

Nepal government always wants to protect their agriculture products more because here quantity of total agriculture product is less and several companies’ trade from outside for Nepal people. If you want to protect all the fruits and vegetables in Nepal properly, then building a coldstore is very essential. During any season you can keep all fruits and vegetables safe all the time. Whether you want to open a big cold storage unit warehouse or small cold storage, you can build as per your budget and necessity. 

Cold Storage Cost in Nepal

Facts about the Nepal cold storage

The purpose of the coldstore in Nepal is to store agricultural products all the time. Within cold storage, products can be stored at the appropriate temperature. You can store different types of food products like spices, potatoes, and other fruits at any time. Even you can store meat in cold storage as well. As per the Nepal government, total of 35 approx cold storages are there and some of them are very high in annual store and some of them are very low storage capacity as well. Mainly, the average size of the cold storage unit is 3000 metric tons. You can build small cold storage with limited space or you can choose big cold storage as well.

As Nepal is situated in a hilly area, so here power consumption s very importantly. Cold storage is something that needs a constant power supply because it can maintain temperature and fruits, vegetables, and process meats are stored here. If you are looking for the best location where you want to build cold storage, then you may choose Kathmandu. 

So during a power cut, you have to prepare a power backup process, and for this Diesel, the generator will be ideal all the time. Cold storage all the time consumes electricity for the cooling process. There are several points which you need to consider if you are planning to build cold storage in Nepal. Before build, you must know Cold Storage Cost in Nepal and then need to proceed. 

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Advantages of cold storage in Nepal

Nepal needs more and more cold storage set up for their import and export business. Nepal mainly exports from outside fruits, vegetables more because they don’t have sufficient agriculture processes. They are increasing their process meat business as well. Nepal government also introduces some different subsidies details for business owners who want to build cold storage. The more cold storage unit will be built here, the more people will be able to keep their fruits, and vegetables within the store and they will be fresh for the long term. Cold storage helps companies to expand their business and increase more profit. Calculate the Cold Storage Cost in Nepal and then make a plan.

cold storage unit

 Is the cold storage business profitable?

Initially, if you want to start cold storage business you have to invest a huge amount for this purpose. It’s a completely profitable business and once you set up coldstore and go for the advertisement, and companies will show interest in your cold storage, you will be able to get long-term profit. This business is very profitable and if you set up properly, you will be able to make profit more. You have to design your cold storage in a way so that within less space you can create more space and manage all the products and create more space. Check the Cold Storage Cost in Nepal from the experienced consultant and then need to proceed. In Nepal, if you are looking for an ideal place for building cold storage, then pokhara will be the best option. Visit this place or choose a land here. 

Consult with the experienced consultant’

Whether you are a new investor or an experienced investor, for a cold storage warehouse, it’s better to consult with experienced consultants who have solid knowledge about this. Location plays an important role! If you are looking for the best location for cold storage, then bharatpur will be the best option. As per my experience, Nepal is a hilly area and here establishing cold storage successfully is a challenge. So, discussion with a proper government department, preparing proper documents, and selecting the location is also a challenge for this post. Choose the best consultant and proceed further. Find the best deal online or hire an experienced consultant. This is another place name lalitpur where you can easily build cold storage. Communication from cold storage is always better. 

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