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How Much Does It Cost For 1000 Mt Of Potatoes Cold Storage In Nepal

For some time now, it has been increased the number of products that have to remain at a fixed and controlled temperature. This is due, among other circumstances, to the increase in imports and exports, and the increasing consumption of fresh products. Logically, it ends up having an increase in the need for logistics facilities that allow cold storage. Since there is a huge Cold Storage Business Profit, you should think in that direction if you are looking for a profitable business recently.

Before delving into the warehouse, a process of utmost importance must be considered: transportation. And how is this done?

– Plane: it is the fastest and most efficient system. Airports have a temperature control center for perishable products.

– Ship: through refrigerated ships or with refrigerated containers, transport (at the precise temperature) is achieved by water.

– Truck (road transport): the current model is to do the transport with refrigerated or refrigerated containers in the truck.

– Rail: as in ships or trucks, the most common, at the moment, is the use of refrigerated containers. The railway platforms have autogenous equipment that supplies electricity to these containers.

The previous classification shows that there is a transverse transfer system to all, which is intermodality, that is, refrigerated containers can be transported in various means of transport.


Efficient management in chilled environments:

On several occasions, we have wanted to highlight in this blog the importance of the correct management of logistics and the importance of processes for the future of a company. For example, poor service, caused by a delay in delivery or an error in shipping, can lead to errors in the work chain of different departments.

In the case of cold logistics, the negative consequences of the error multiply. It is not the same to deliver a damaged mobile phone, which will be replaced as soon as possible, to deliver food in poor condition, which may cause errors with greater consequences. An excellent sample is currently found with the vaccines against COVID-19, which for their conservation are subject to maintenance at specific temperatures.

Energy efficiency in the warehouse and at the point of sale, as well as continuous temperature control, are fundamental pillars throughout the process. 

For this reason, it is extremely important, if our company has to transport, store and distribute products with explicit thermal requirements, that considerable investment is made in cold logistics. 

And this investment, to a large extent, will influence the acquisition of adapted and efficient solutions in all phases of the chain. If you will start cold storage business, it will give you a huge and long-term Cold Storage Business Profit. These are being updated and modernized, a good example of this are the monitors, the cold controllers, or the smart labels, which change color when the temperature is not adequate.

Adapted solutions for cold logistics:

Before going into detail, an aspect that reflects the importance of effective management in the maintenance of the cold chain is based on taking into account that the distribution of a refrigerated product involves twice the cost of that of a dry product. And if it is frozen, the expense is four times higher.

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High-density storage in cold logistics:

This type of storage is expensive and, therefore, it is necessary to try to minimize the expense involved, but without losing effectiveness or efficiency. Opting for very narrow aisle trucks, compact storage systems, and rack installations that prioritize height are three essential measures for good cold storage. 

Storing in very narrow aisles increases space use by approximately 30% compared to traditional shelving, which makes it a good choice for cold stores.

By storing in very narrow aisles increases space usage by approximately 30% compared to traditional shelving, making it a good choice for cold storage rooms. For example, semi-automated shuttle solutions provide high-density storage without compromising performance. 

The result is the achievement of having a low-cost pallet that is moved thanks to its semi-automatic operation. Loads are transported inside the racks in radio-controlled ferries, which move between the rails with conventional forklifts.

Cold Storage Business Profit:

It depends on the revenue you can generate and the types of products stores in your cold storage per day. For example, if the cold storage is rented, then there is a possibility of renting charges approximately: Rs 0.75/kg (for 300 days). Then the revenue generated is Rs 9,00,000 annually.

Isn’t that a great Cold Storage Business Profit! Get in touch with us at Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

Mr. Yogesh Dahiya

The Managing Director of Natural Storage Solutions Pvt Ltd is known for his expertise in setting up cold storage, chilling plants and food processing units.

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