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If you are planning to build cold storage business in sri lanka, then choose professional consulting company. Its quite tough to set up cold storage business in sri lanka without knowing anything. Cold storage business is very profitable business if you will be able to build in srilanka. Presently, due to insufficient storage capabilities in Sri Lanka, every year, 30% of fruits and vegetables becomes wastage. To stop such wasting, presently a new cold storage which has 5000 tons capacity is manufacturing in Sri Lanka. But one cold storage manufacturing does not solve all the problems. In this country, lots of cold storage needed to make best can open large size warehouse or you can open small size warehouse both have some specifications and features. This is another best city which is called Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. This is another best city which offers best service.    

In Sri Lanka, now days begun constructing its first ever humidity and temperature control warehouse which help farmers to stock more than 5000 tons vegetables and fruits  all the time. You can build a lare cold storage which will comprises with different separated section with different temperature. This is another major city Batticaloa in Srilanka. This city offers you several benefits. This is former capital of the Sri Lanka. There are different types of vegetables and fruits available in the market that need different types of temperature to stay long and fresh. So, you can’t put all the fruits and vegetables together to make them fresh for long time. To set up cold storage business in sri lanka you have to work, analysis and need to invest lots of time.  Either you need to open single product cold storage or you need to open multiple product cold storage as well. If you are looking for best location for cold storage, then you should choose Ampara. This city is also very popular for transportation and communication as well.

Cold storage business in Sri Lanka

What are the benefits of cold storage in Srilanka?

As Sri Lankas weather is dry and wet, so here to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for long term, you have to use cold storage. Most of the large companies who are related to farming, they prefer to keep their harvested products within cold storage. It is a suburb area of Colombo which is called Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. You can choose this location for cold storage warehouse. Here, you will find many port and empty location for building cold storage. Once you implement cold storage, consumers and trader both able to get many profits. Gampaha is another best city and famous for tourists spot. If you are looking for some empty space for set up cold storage, this city is also ideal. This city offer different types of benefits and it offer several advantages.

If you will build cold storage you will be able to gain more profit from the long term and fruits and vegetables also stay safe for the long run. Without cold storage, most of the fruits and vegetables become dry and waste within few days. Once it is taken from farmland, after a certain time it begins to deteriorate, several bacteria will start to develop. Inside the cold storage, low temperature will control the vegetable and fruits from spoilage. If you want to build cold storage business in sri lanka, then you can buy blast freezing and refrigeration. Both are very popular options for vegetables and some selected fruits.

Every Cold storage in Sri Lanka includes different varied temperatures and for both chilling and freezing options. Another benefit of cold storage unit is, the temperature control system is highly customizable. It is very vital to store fruits and vegetables at particular temperature points. Analyze cold storage project cost and then make a financial plan. Humidity and temperature can vary greatly between produce and creating customization essential. Proper cold storage reduces wastage quantity and it will increase the economic condition as well. Whether you want to open a large size cold storage or small cold storage, proper experience guidance and skill are important.  Arrange fund to build cold storage business in sri lanka and apply in a bank for loan purpose.

Another best benefit is, if traders and business houses choose cold storage warehouse and keep more products wihtin it, then Srilankan can get any type of seasonal fruits all over the year easily. The price will be lower and it also helps to expand the market. The demand and supply will be equal all the time. Choose the best deal related to cold storage and then select a best consultant now. It helps to build best cold storage anytime with any shape and size as well.

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Cost of setting cold storage business in Sri Lanka

There are several business industrialists in our society who want to invest in a business but don’t understand which business will be suitable. If you are one who is reading this article and want to know which business will be ideal in Sri Lanka, then I must say cold storage business in sri lanka. This is a business where you have to invest for one time and you will get return for long term.

To set cold storage for vegetables and fruits business cost or budget plays an important role. Different countries offer different types of rules and regulations and facilities for the cold storage business. Now, to build cold storage proper financial analysis is very important. In Srilanka, you will also find some great subsidy offers from the government. If you are a beginner or new business owner and want to invest money in the cold storage business, then you can get a subsidy from the government. The Sri Lanka government is always ready to offer you different types of benefits and subsidy related to cold storage business. You must know all the government rules before proceed further. Know the details about the cold storage business in sri lanka and then proceed.

If you want to know the Vegetable cold storage project cost then NSSPL helps you in this regard. A professional company can prepare a profit and loss ratio for you and provide you. A professional and experience consultant always guides you. if any business owner looking for best location or largest city, then they can  choose this Kalmunai city. Here you will find good transportation system, market area, and trading markets. I must say, any professional company, their main aim will be satisfy our client all the time. To build cold storage solid knowledge regarding the cold storage world, location, product, machines are required. If you don’t know the proper details, then professional consultant is always there to guide you. So, calculate the price of the cold storage business in sri lanka and then choose the best deal now!

About cold storage machine price details

To establish successful cold storage, you need a proper cold storage machine. Now, there are different types of cold storage machines available in the market and you may choose any type of cold storage machine as per your business type. The features and prices of different cold storage are completely different. if you are looking for Ancient capital in Sri lanka to build cold storage to avail different types of services, then you may choose Anuradhapura. This is old city which Offer several benefits.

There are different types of cold storage machines available at different prices like you can buy cold room cabinets, Indoor cooling units, Industrial cold storage humidifiers, etc. Based on your cold storage type, what type of product you are going to store, you have to choose the best cold storage machine. A profession consultant also guide which type of cold storage will be ideal for you. You also need to analysis what type of cold storage machineries are popular in srilanks, whether you need to import machineries or buy within your country.

The price of the refrigerator and cold machineries are always high. You have to check and analysis, take proper guidance and then go for the machinery prices. If you are looking for best hub in Sri Lanka for establishing cold storage then you should choose Colombo. This is largest city within srilanka and it’s a commercial capital as well.

Types of cold storages

There are different types of cold storages available in the market. You can choose single product cold storage, multiple product cold storage or different single unit cold storage business in sri lanka. Each and every fruit and vegetable are different and to keep them fresh different types of refrigerator and coiling machinery need to install. Here, I am going to enlist some of the demanding cold storages in Sri Lanka which you can also build…

Perishable food cold storage – You can also build frozen meat and perishable items cold storage in Srilanka.. For this type of cold storage, you need very minimum space to build. Meat has high demand whether you need red meat or chicken or any other type of frozen meat. In the market, the demand for frozen meat is increasing day by day and it offers several benefits. You can store frozen meat, fish, and other dairy products for as long as possible. It offers to cool and storing meat without facing any problem. Not only frozen red meat, but you can also store in the cold storage fish, chicken, and other dairy products for the long run. Galle is the southwest coast of Sri Lanka city and this city includes best transportation system.  Choose any type of transportation system as per your need and requirement.

Fruits cold storage

There are different types of fruits available in Sr Lanka like Durian, Custard Apples, Cashew Apple, Lychee, Banana etc. you just need to check and select the best fruit cold storage as per your need and requirement. To stop wastage of fruits and vegetables, you may build cold storage. Using cold storage traders, middle man business owners able to keep their products safe for the long run. For import and export, you can use cold storage for your fruits. Different types of fruits need different temperatures to control their freshness. Now, you have to appoint an expert for this purpose who will guide you all the time. If you are looking for best location to established cold storage, then you may choose Kandy city or you may select Jaffna city as well.  

Vegetables for cold storage

Another type of cold storage which is specifically builds for vegetables. Now, there are different types of vegetables there. You can build potatoes cold storage, onion cold storage or multiple cold storages as per your need and requirement. To build cold storage for vegetables, temperature control system always plays an important role. You have to control the temperature and you need to utilize advance cooling technology to make fresh vegetables all the time. If you consult with an experienced person, they can help you in this regard. Trincomalee is a port city and this city is ideal for cold storage warehouses. As it’s a port area, here different types of material will load and unload from ship. So, if you will build cold storage here, that will be better.

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If you are looking for best company for cold storage function and chilling plant, then you should consult with my company NSSPL. My company is working with team and Myself, yogesh Dahiya, 25+ years experience in cold storage and chilling plants. My main motto is to deliver best quality services which run long. I always take every single project is vital and I personally analysis, make a business plan and help each business owners to build cold storage successfully. My company will guide you, and prepare all types of documents and papers behalf of your company and save your valuable time and cost both.

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya (Managing director) aged 49 years, having a Diploma in Fabrication Technology, has 25 years of experience in setting up cold storage and chilling plants. After completion of Diploma in Fabrication technology, he worked with indo-Techno Frigo Ltd. As Manager (fabrication) and Purchase Executive for a period of 5 years. He then joined L&T as General Manager (Projects). In 1997 he started his own company. Mr.Yogesh Dahiya is the key person of NSSPL (group company) and his job includes holding meeting with clients, understanding their requirements, selection of sites, suggestion of right technology, preparation of engineering design, civil works etc and then finally fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire plants. Till now he had set up 160 cold storage and chilling plants of various capacities. In this project he takes care of all the technical aspects of the company.
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    I am a citizen of Sri Lanka.
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    I also want to have freeze / ice blast of food faciltiy.

    Please provide a quotation.

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