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How To Start Controlled Atmosphere-CA Cold Storage Business

To better understand the CA cold storage business you need to read this complete my blog. INDIA is an agricultural country, it means in our country the production and productivity of fruits, vegetables and grains are done in a very large amount. but, its good that we have the largest production but because of less market demand, these things get bad, and if we talk about many crore tons of fruits and vegetables get rotten in the market itself, because there is not much demand in the market due to this the economy also gets down, all these have a very simple and good solution which is cold storage.

You will be surprised to know that, in our country, we need approx. 6.1 crore metric ton food storage capacity in which we are fulfilling only 2.9 crore metric ton storage capacity. it means if anyone wants to do this business they can earn a good amount of profit.

Photo Of controlled atmosphere Cold Storage

Types of Products can storage

we have seen in our country, because of the weather, fruits and vegetables get rotten. the big reason behind this problem is, not keeping well with fruits and vegetables. The shocking thing is, the inflation in our country is because of this only, but now people are getting aware, people are using cold storage and CA chambers very well so that at the right time and with market demand they can supply this. CA chambers are the place where fruits, vegetables, meat, etc, are kept at a controlled temperature. Our cold storage is built especially keeping in mind for fruits and vegetables, mostly highly perishable products we call them, like Apples, Plums, Kiwi, Grapes, Oranges, and vegetables like leafy vegetables, Potato, Carrot so, to support fresh fruit business, you have to be a good trader apart from that you will need multiple cold stores, pre-cooling centers near farm gate, there you will need sorting and grading line, you will need a storage facility in cities, and to run all these businesses you have to maintain a cold chain. Ice cream is such a product in which if you will not maintain the temperature, it will melt down, any household like you and me will look it and say that this product is bad and not good for consumption same ways fruit is also that much sensitive product, provided, the fruit doesn’t chance its face very quickly, its seems that the fruit is fine, but from inside it is slowly daily getting rotten, which we can’t see, and till the time it reaches our home, its face, taste, and flavor gets changed a bit so the consumer doesn’t  get happy after consuming it, and the same product if anyone buys from the market directly, or from a good source, then its fresher and crunchier, less handling means fewer germs and bacteria in it, this gives a big difference, so to support this business most importantly, you need to maintain a cold chain,

System For CA Chamber

 To start a business of CA chamber you will need a lot of machines and equipments that are, 

  1. Insulated chamber
  2. Refrigeration System

in this system, there are lots of machines and equipments under it if we talk about the machines then,   




  • TRAY


Now lets learn that how we can keep our products safe in CA chamber, first of in process, all the product is unloaded according to the variety, quality and size then after segregation the products is then checked, in this, products shelf life is checked and we learn, whether the product can be stored for a long duration or not, and in the next step, the selected products gets labelled according to its slot and batch, and after this, from all the products their heat is taken out, and this process can take around 24 hours of time in this process time is dependent upon the products internal heat, it means, in how much hear and temperature, the product is brought, after taking out the heat from the products, it is stored in CA chambers, and with this, CA chambers is fully sealed, so that nobody can enter inside that, with this, oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained with certain parameters, for all the days it is stored, but the main thing is, this all products are depends on the market demands, this cooling cycle time can reach from 3 months to 9 or 10 months too, when there is the need of this product in the market, then the CA chambers are opened, then the products are nicely packed and through, refrigeration vehicle, the product is supplied in the market,


now let’s talk about the investment in CA chambers, if we talk about the investment in CA chamber, then in small scale this investment can be from 3 to 4 crore, in which you can easily, with CA chamber system can start your own business, but if you want to invest in CA chamber in a large scale, then your investment can reach up to 45 to 50 crore rupees, 


 if we talk about the profitability in CA chamber, so in this business you can earn profit by two ways, so let us tell you the first way, you can store you clients product in your CA chamber and can earn rent, and you can earn a very good amount of profitability, number two, this was by storing clients products and by taking its rent and earning a profit, but, there is one more option by which you can earn more profit, and that is, you can buy your product directly from the farmers and store it in you CA chamber, and when there is a market demand of that product, then you can supply it in high rate by doing this you can earn a very good amount of profit,


To start this business you will require at least 55 to 60 people, in which 10 to 15 skilled, 3 to 5 unskilled, and with 25 to 30 helpers, there should be accountants also. This way you can start a CA cold storage business with the help of experienced staff


If you want to start your business, with a single CA chamber then, you will need 650 KW of electricity load connection. 


For the set up of the CA chamber, you can avail approx. 35 percent of subsidy from the government, this subsidy depends on your area and government regulations.

Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd. is For CA Cold Storage

So today we learned how we procure eatable products in CA chambers and in cold storage. and how we supply them when there is market demand, in this industrial blog we have provided every detailed information regarding this industry, and if you want more information related to this CA Cold Storage, then you can directly contact to NSSPL, that is NATURAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD., with the expert advice you can get more information about this CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE-CA COLD STORAGE BUSINESS very easily if you want any expert advice or guidance for starting CA chamber business, then, you can contact.

You will now find complete information on how to start a controlled atmospheric-CA cold storage business through my blog. You can read my other blog to better understand the cold storage business.

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya (Managing director) aged 49 years, having a Diploma in Fabrication Technology, has 25 years of experience in setting up cold storage and chilling plants. After completion of Diploma in Fabrication technology, he worked with indo-Techno Frigo Ltd. As Manager (fabrication) and Purchase Executive for a period of 5 years. He then joined L&T as General Manager (Projects). In 1997 he started his own company. Mr.Yogesh Dahiya is the key person of NSSPL (group company) and his job includes holding meeting with clients, understanding their requirements, selection of sites, suggestion of right technology, preparation of engineering design, civil works etc and then finally fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire plants. Till now he had set up 160 cold storage and chilling plants of various capacities. In this project he takes care of all the technical aspects of the company.
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